Assassin’s Creed Origins: New Kid in Town Quest - Temple of Million Years Location

Jul 30 2019 3 min read

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Assassin's Creed Origins is one of the best games from the AC series, even though it came out in 2015. There are just tons of interesting quests, task, and overall stuff to do, which all adds up to the amazing experience of the game. Having said that, there are many sides and hidden quests in the game which can provide awesome rewards. One of them is called "New Kid in Town" and it involves helping a poor guy fighthing bandits, riding an ox, solving mysteries and in the end, steal some important stuff from a local politician. 

How to start the quest

It is very important to know that in order to start this mission, you need to be above level 18. So, if you are below it, just go out there and grind a bit before you follow the steps here.  

If you are above level 18, you need to go to Letopolis which is a town in the southeastern part of the Nome area (just google the location). Once there, you need to look for a man in a white dress. He should be staying in front of the temple on a platform and talking some random stuff. Go there and interrupt his speech and the quest will begin. 

Completing the mission

Now that we cleared out how to actually start the mission, let's check how to complete it.

First, you need to follow the quest marker which will lead you to Nehi. Once you find him, you need to talk to him and he will explain how he is shattered by the fact that he left his ox alone in the desert. After that, the quest marker will lead you to the animal itself, however, there is a catch here - this is a bait. Once you go there, there will be a lot of bandits waiting for you, which means that you have two choices - either stay and fight or just hop onto the cart and run away.

As soon as you return the animal to Nehi, he will be very grateful and in return, he'll show you a very interesting hieroglyph. After that, there is a little bit of hassle you need to go through only to realize that there are many writings on the wall which have been discovered. However, the people which you need to speak to are not located on the map itself, which means that you need to use Senu in order to scout around. 

Try finding every single writing on the wall and inspect it. Once you're done with it, you'll receive a message which will basically tell you to look towards the pyramids, where you'll find the so-called "Temple of a Million Years" in the golden dunes.

Location of the Temple

The temple itself is located in the southwest of Letoplis where it is buried under the sand. However, there will be a stone lion right on top of it, which will help you find its exact location. Once you go there, there will be a very narrow opening which you can go through and it will explain everything about Letopolis. After you're done, go back and talk to Nehi and you will get 1500 XP for it.


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