Artifact: Discussions, Memes and Arts

Oct 11 2018 4 min read

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Artifact open Beta is right around the corner, however, the game has already became popular and is widely discussed in the community. For those who can't wait to lay their hands on Artifact or at least see what kind of game it is, we decided to gather interesting discussions, memes and arts in one place.


Sotareh from Twitter unleashed this Doggo meme to remind everyone that even now you can't be sure of anything.

Noname6500 from Reddit shared TFW Valve hasn't revealed any new cards for a whole day.


 Some awesome arts that’s been shown before. New community-generated arts are coming next.

@ArtDyaneris from Twitter shared an art of his favourite Dota 2 hero in Artifact.

Awesome painting by @DyanerisArt from Twitter.

This Artifact bundle shared by Twitter user @TXHopeBringer is a true masterpiece!

Twitter user @B3HShady can't contain his excitement for the new game.


Should there be non-cosmetic microtransactions in Artifact? 

Here is an interesting discussion that has a lot to do with CCG genre. Topic TL’DR — should players be allowed to buy additional cards for real money?

On one hand, real-world CCG cards are expensive, so there’s premise to put a price on them in video games. On the other hand, developers need to find a balance between monetization and avoiding P2W scenario, where the player, who paid more, gets an advantage. There’re also arguments promoting crafting system and free marketplace for the cards. 

This is a very hot topic for discussion on Reddit. Hit us with your opinion in the comments

You can EARN money by buying things in Secret Shop

Here is a thread where players discuss Shop Deed card stacks. With more than one such card in hand, you can cause the price of any item in the Secret Shop to go to negative numbers and earn money from buying it.

Shop Deed card stacks could potentially be used for cheesy strategies allowing players to quickly earn gold.

Tower mana can go into negative numbers

In some cases, Tower mana can go into negative numbers and participants of this thread discuss possible scenarios where it could impact the outcome of the game.

Official Artifact Twitter Account confirmed, that some cards and heroes can apply permanent modifications to the amount of mana the towers have.

Ok, here is a thread with an interesting opinion

Which is — don’t listen to other people’s opinions. The discussion there is pretty intense and has many interesting points.

If you haven’t seen this video with Gabe Newell discussing Artifact, you should take the time and watch it. For example, Mr. Newell talked about ways to keep the value of the purchased cards throughout years.

And don’t forget that WePlay! is holding a tournament series in Artifact with $50,000 prize pool. We are so excited about the first event!


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