Artifact and Hearthstone will have very different audiences

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Artifact and Hearthstone will have very different audiences

Hearthstone player explained that Artifact will attract hardcore players from Gwent and Magic: The Gathering.

David ‘Dog’ Caero, one of the most prominent Hearthstone personalities, has shared his thoughts about Artifact, the most anticipated game of this season.

To his opinion, the RNG mechanics of Artifact are less impactful than in Hearthstone which raises the odds for a more skillful player to win.


—      A good player in Hearthstone doesn’t always beat a mediocre player, but I have the feeling in Artifact it definitely will not be that way and the truly skilled players will have much higher win rates against mediocre players.


Different pace and deeper complexity will gather a completely different audience to Artifact, than to Hearthstone.


—      The majority of Hearthstone players aren’t these super serious card game nerds, I think there are very different audiences.


Here is another quote, highlighting the difference between the 2 games:


—      The bulk of the playerbase plays Hearthstone casually… you can play on mobile and take it to the toilet … Hearthstone has created a player base that didn’t really exist before in the CCG market, they converted a lot of gamers that I imagine previously had no interest in playing overly complex CCGs, like for example Magic: The Gathering.


Here is what you should expect in Artifact coming from other CCGs:


—      I think [Artifact] has a lot of similarities to Gwent specifically, I don’t think Hearthstone players will do that well if they just come from Hearthstone.


When Dog was asked what he would do differently if he returned to the time when he had just got alpha access to the game, he gave a surprising answer.


— The absolute first thing I would do is find a friend to play with. When you first start out playing Artifact it can be really overwhelming, and tackling it with a friend helps a lot in understanding things much quicker.


Meanwhile, the Beta madness is getting out of hand…


The excitement about Artifact Beta is overwhelming some people. Here is a Rick & Morty illustration of the longing for Beta Keys.

For some people, the official Artifact Twitter account activity is very telling. The conversation below dispels the thoughts of correlation between what is said on Twitter and when the Open Beta starts.

Here is a link to a very high-quality post about an anime girl who wants to get access to Artifact. It’s slightly NSFW.


Artifact Arts from Twitter

Have you seen Sniper so scared before? A card concept art from @artifactarea.

A laughing Axe from @InsertFail. You can find more of such arts on that account.

Adorable Imp from  @TheDanidem.

A badass Magnus by @Cathaoir1.

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