Arslan Ash not pleased with the current state of Tekken

Mar 24 2020 2 min read
EVO/Stephanie Lindgren

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Following the release of Tekken 7 version 3.30, there have been quite a number of complaints with it. Pakistani fighting game legend, Arslan "Arslan Ash" Siddique took things a little further on Twitter with his opinion.

Speaking for himself and other Tekken pro players, Arslan Ash explained that even with all of Bandai Namco's changes in each patch, they seem to keep skipping the characters that actually deserve nerfs and buffs. 

Arslan "Arslan Ash" Siddique

I don't understand the purpose of these patch notes. As in the eyes of many pro Tekken players and myself, the buffs and nerfs that are needed are not being done.

In his opinion, the developers only see a reason to nerf characters after they've been used to win a tournament. Taking Awais Honey's domination with Akuma in Pakistan as an example, he stated that the guest character wasn't nerfed until Awais Honey repeated his success on the international stage. It's reminiscent of how several fans tried to call Bandai Namco's attention to how broken Leroy Smith was, but nothing was done. Not until Leroy mains dominated the top 8 at EVO Japan 2020 and Talon Esports player Nopparut "Book" Hempamorn won the event with the character without switching him out. It took two patches to bring the Wing Chun master down.

The opinion shared by Arslan Ash was reinforced by many of the fans that replied to his tweet. Not to mention the 1,900 likes and 567 retweets it received. They decried the manner in which several members of the game's roster are being neglected and backed the EVO champion's statement.

Whether or not Arslan Ash's tweet will help change how Bandai Namco approaches balance changes from now on is unknown, but on its own, probably unlikely. However, if the game's community continues to voice out their issues with the game they love, the developer should eventually take heed or risk losing them for good.


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