Armored Warfare – Ghost Fields to challenge teams with massive area

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Today, developer Obsidian and publisher revealed the challenging new map set to grace Armored Warfare.


Are you ready for the next battle? This time, vehicles will fight on an old airfield in the mountains. Meet the new map: Ghost Fields, which will be available starting at the earliest stages of testing. This new battlefield should appeal to all gamers who like to fight in the open.



There are relatively few roads and buildings on the map, but many interesting natural details: cliffs that you can easily fall from, ravines and screes, moors and coppices. The battle begins in the early morning on a summer day, with a light drizzle. The location is one of strategic importance. The airfield is spread out, with buildings in the hills, as well as fuel and missiles waiting to be fitted on aircraft.


Armored Warfare - Ghost Fields screenshot 1


The airbase is partially abandoned, but still sees some action. Hangars have ammo stocked, and cases are ready to be loaded by the runway. Fighter jets and helicopters are parked all over. But at the same time, buildings are abandoned, and some aircraft lie in pieces across the fields. Due to the open terrain, heavy tanks will need to be wary of artillery strikes.


Armored Warfare - Ghost Fields screenshot 2


At the same time, the landscape favours Main Battle Tanks because hills block line of sight through the middle of the map, protecting those hiding from artillery strikes. Both sides will need to position themselves well to attain victory. The teams begin the battle at the western and eastern ends of the map, respectively. The following tactical map shows different areas by colour:


Armored Warfare - Ghost Fields zones


• Red Zone – This area is perfect for Main Battle Tanks to get up close and personal. Support vehicles and long-distance vehicles can also find good positions to act from. However, the area can be attacked from both sides with Self-Propelled Guns, so if you do battle here, you’ll have to take this into account. The risk/reward calculation is important, though, since the sight lanes here are quite extensive.


• Blue Zone – This area comprises the central part of the airfield. It’s basically a death trap, because it can easily be covered by Tank Destroyers and SPGs. It’s a good place to set up an ambush, but it has the advantage of being the most direct route to the enemy base.


• Green Zone – This area is another place that is deal for an MBT fight, but unlike the Red Zone, it’s safer from TD and SPG fire. If a team loses this point, the other team will have a direct line into your base. But that route is also exposed to fire from afar.


Armored Warfare - Ghost Fields screenshot 3




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