April Fools' jokes in the gaming industry and esports

Apr 01 2019 5 min read

April Fools' jokes in the gaming industry and esports ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

We remind: absolutely everything from this compilation is a joke. Please don't be outraged to sudden announcements, resuffles and teams disbands.

Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev  moves from NAVI to ENCE

Everything shown in the video has already disappeared from both Twitter and Steam's profile. Clean work.

All NPCs are replaced by "rabbids" in For Honor.

This is probably not a joke, but event: NPCs are really replaced, well-drawn and animated in detail.

Crysis 4 will be released in 2020 in the Epic Games Store

This will be a third-party RPG, there will be microtransactions and real-time RTX in the game. The game will appear only on the PC.

NVIDIA introduced the GeForce RTX R.O.N. game assistant 

He will analyze the situation in the game or on the forum and give the best possible solution.

"It just works!"

Dynamic transformations for Dota 2 heroes

The higher the intelligence is, the more space it needs. Therefore, the head of "smart" characters will inflate.

Keychains in the form of full-size PlayStation consoles

More friendly and colorful version of the Control game from Remedy

Rainbow Six Siege decorated their Twitter with a rainbow and unicorn

Cats vs Dogs in League of Legends

And again this is not a joke. This is April Fools' Day event, and you can get the skin until April 15.

The British portal Esports News UK launches production of beer under the Esports Brews UK brand

Esports Brews UK: ENUK запускает новую линейку пива и микро-пивоварен

"There will be a raft of flavours available, from standard UK Lads Lager to Kayle's Ale (pending Riot Games approval) and Salty Tears, which tastes of beer with a dash of saltiness reminiscent of the tears of a baby-raging League of Legends solo queue player. There's also Rowdy Cider, perfect for LAN-goers, and RNG Rum, which will have a random quantity of alcohol within it whenever you order it - ideal for Hearthstone and World of Warcraft fans."

DOOM Twitter account posted artwork by Dumgay in the image of Bob Ross

Capcom collect donations to help endangered zombies

While you're reading this, the zombie population has decreased by 774 038 013 individuals. They can be helped by submitting an application on the site.

Square Enix presented smart home assistant Omega

It arrived straight from FINAL FANTASY XIV Online.

Capcom presented a fighting game between candidates for the title of the World President

You can play here.

Google has developed an application for cleaning the phone screen

Corsair have developed a launcher for game launcher

Conan Chop Chop game announcement, Blinding Isaac's style metroidvania

With support of 12K resolution 360 degrees VVR (virtual virtual reality).

Anthem's reddit became The Division 2 reddit

World of Warcraft update

The important changes:

  • New Death Knight travel form: Death Leopard;
  • Blood elves now have short-eared cosmetic options;
  • Findr application allows you to find a companion for the party;
  • Groups of 5 Feral Druids can come together to form one super-bot.
  • Aluneth now responds to voice commands. Examples include:  Aluneth, reorder my mats. Aluneth, set a timer for raid. Aluneth, play ‘Despacito.
  • Liquid Magma Totem has been renamed Magma Totem, because what other kind of magma would it be?

The full list of changes is here.

Bohemia Studio creates an amusement park. Opening will be in 2024

Evil Geniuses organization renamed to Evil Geniuses. Are you watching vowels carefully? Take a closer look!

 Valve made such an error at The International 2018. The organization didn't forget it and found the perfect day for revenge.

The opportunity to play for the ordinary opponent in DMC 5

NAVI and Netflix collaboration

A documentary about one of the NAVI players. Following the link is strictly required for all!

The world's first RGB-backlit processor

Additional colors can be bought for microtransactions.

Brand headset from cardboard cups

HyperX Cup MIX-Ins

ENCE's pajamas

SK Gaming looking for players in the Farming Simulator 19 roster

"Stack this hay to help SK!" 

New technologies in PlayStation 4 development 

New playable hero in Devil May Cry 5!

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PlayStation Store acquired a refund policy
PlayStation Store acquired a refund policy
r/Games mods shut down the subreddit for April 1
r/Games mods shut down the subreddit for April 1st

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