Apex Legends: Wraith Guide - Abilities, Tips & Skins!

Feb 23 2019 4 min read

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Greetings to all the Apex Games participants! And those who are just passing by. Today we continue Apex Legends Guide Series with a manual (and a few tips) on how to become the game's deadliest assassin — Wraith

General information

Wraith is a pure damage dealer with the ability to safely retreat and transfer allies to another point in space. While Mirage is effective against a group of opponents, our ghost girl is good at eliminating single targets. If you want to be great with this character, you need some team-playing skills: your passive ability warns aboutthe incoming danger. How exactly? Just hold on for a minute, watch the video below and read something about Wraith's biography.

Wraith's bio

Wraith can manipulate spacetime by opening rifts in the fabric of reality (and to kill people, of course) — but no one knows how it has happened, even Wraith herself. Long ago, she woke up in an IMC Detention Facility for the Mentally Ill — but she didn't remember who she was. And someone was speaking in her head — a quiet but distinct voice, that will follow her to the end of the days. At first, this voice was driving her insane, but once she decided to do as it says — and since then Wraith started becoming who she really is. The voice helped her harness her newfound power of void manipulation and they have escaped from the facility.

Obviously, Wraith wants to find out who she is, so our hero began a quest to find out more about the experiments. The thing is, many of the old research facilities of Wraith's interest, however, are buried beneath heavily guarded arenas used for the Apex Games. Now Wraith has joined the competition, to get closer to the truth with every match she fights in. 

Wraith's abilities

Wraith passive ability helps you to indicate the enemies nearby. She accurately knows where are the enemies who are shooting at her and can provide invaluable information to her team. 

The tactical ability can make her invisible. To escape from a dangerous place. Or to flank and attack. On the one hand, she becomes invisible and disembodied, losing the ability to do and take damage at this moment. On the other hand, there is a downside to the ability.

  • You can see neither enemies, nor allies.
  • You can't open any doors.
  • While being invisible, Wraith leaves a purple trail behind that can be traced.

You can make the trace you advantage, do you know? It's very simple. Just rush suddenly into the enemy, inflict some damage (or even kill someone), and then retreat to your teammates. The enemies will follow your lead — and will find only death.

Who said that stealth is for retreating? Find an enemy who's clueless about you, turn the invisibility on and shoot them in the head!

If you still need to escape, choose the most illuminated path. So the glow from the Void Form will be less noticeable.

Wraith's Ultimate is a rift. Have you ever played Portal? Or as Symmetry from Overwatch? This is about it. You are bound only by your imagination. 

  • You can resurrect your allies and send them through a portal to a place where they can loot so the squad is immediately armed.
  • Put the portal in a convenient position as an option for retreat.
  • If your companion is clamped on all sides — distract enemies' attention and make some room to escape.
  • Escape from the area behind the circle.

Wraith's legendary skins





Wraith's epic skins







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