Apex Legends Season 2. The new weapon mods explained

Jul 05 2019 5 min read

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Apex Legends Season 2 has brought a bunch of much-needed improvements and additions to the game including new legend, reworked map design, and L-Star plasma rifle. Apart from huge novelties, Respawn has introduced a few minor ones, which are actually game-changing features. We now have two more weapon mods that are focused on less popular weapons that rarely (almost never) made it to the end game before. It’s not just about buffs – the devs have actually created new meta, which is already being utilized by pro players.

As we’ve mentioned before, new mods give a second chance to the weapons, which everyone tends to replace with better ones given the chance. Now, you can not only make a difference in the early stages of the game but also get this sweet “You are the champion” victory screen with an Alternator and a Mozambique.

“Hammerpoint Rounds” mod

Compatible with P2020 and Mozambique.

This mod allows for two least popular weapons (with one literally being a local meme) to get a new life thanks to increased unshielded damage.

Even with this mod, P2020 keeps being “an early weapon” since its damage and rate of fire are still far from perfect. Whereas Mozambique, which was close to useless before, becomes a triumphant weapon of vengeance. You can knock down an enemy with a single shot to the head – or with two shots to the chest. Such a huge improvement automatically grants modded Mozambique with a second chance and a reserved second weapon slot in the loadout. Great combos are Spitfire + Mozambique, Triple Take + Mozambique, and R-99 + Mozambique. But wait – there’s more.

“Disruptor Rounds” mod

Compatible with RE-45 and Alternator.

Unlike the aforementioned weapons, RE-45 and Alternator have always been solid choices for the early stages of the game and could even let you live long enough to see the last circle. However, players were eagerly changing both weapons for R-99 and especially R-301.

Disruptor Rounds, however, make RE-45 and Alternator a lot more useful since the mod drastically increases damage on shielded targets. Alternator literally becomes a beast weapon, which is capable of shredding and complete destroying of enemy shields in no time. Actually, it is so powerful that many players are already complaining and asking for a nerf in the nearest patch, which is very likely to happen.

As we’ve pointed out, Alternator is the best one to use among those two weapons. You can have great combos with Alternator as the primary weapon to destroy shields and a powerful secondary to finish the enemy: Spitfire, R-99, Wingman, or Peacekeeper.

But seriously, the real death combo now is having both Alternator and Mozambique modded – the former shreds the shields while the latter kills the enemy in a single precise hit. Doesn’t it seem broken to you?

An extended Energy Mag

Compatible with Devotion, Triple Take, and Havoc.

Energy weapons in Apex Legends are among the best ones, but their first implementation was close to unplayable due to the lack of ammo on the map. That issue has been addressed since, but Devotion and Havoc still suffer from a sensible shooting delay if you don’t have a Turbocharger mod while all three energy weapons are relatively weak due to the small amount of ammo in a single magazine. Luckily, we now have extended mags, which also increase the reload speed.

Obviously, the weapon of choice now is Devotion with a purple mag and a Turbocharger mod.

Other changes

Season 2 introduces some other balance changes, which might cause confusion if you are not familiar with them. For instance, you might wonder how the hell that Flatline downed you so fast – and we have the answer:

  • Skullpiercer is now a Legendary item, which is harder to find.
  • The basic amount of ammo in a mag is decreased for all energy weapons.
  • The basic damage for P2020 is increased from 12 to 13.
  • The basic damage for Flatline is increased from 16 to 19 (that’s actually one damage point more than Spitfire).
  • Triple Take with Precision Choke equipped charges for 1.1 seconds instead of 1.5 seconds.
  • The basic damage for Alternator is increased from 13 to 15, and the recoil decreases drastically with barrel attachments.
  • Kraber’s damage is increased from 125 to 145.
  • A direct hit with an Arc Star instantly downs an enemy with no shields.
  • A single inventory stack of shotgun shells is decreased to 16 from 64.
  • A single inventory stack of energy ammo is increased to 80 from 60.
  • Gibraltar’s defensive “bubble” lasts 3 seconds longer.
  • Pathfinder’s hitbox has been altered.
  • Caustic’s poison barrels slow down teammates by 50% only compared to enemies.
  • Bloodhound’s scanner shows enemies in motion; it also activates a wider angle of FOV – 110 degrees. The ultimate ability lasts 90 seconds instead of 60.
  • Mirage can cancel invisibility after using Vanishing Act.

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