Apex Legends: Pathfinder Guide - Abilities, Tips & Skins!

Feb 14 2019 5 min read

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Howdy, people! We continue providing you with tips, guides, stories and stuff about Apex Legends. This time we are going to get acknowledged with Pathfinder — he is a great character, that helps your team to move rapidly through the map and reach match-winning positions at the battlefield. Someone may think his passive ability is useless, but it is definitely not true. The grappling hook allows him to immediately change position, escape from danger and cross long distances in seconds. The most important character's ace if the ability to quickly drag teammates into the circle and dominate from higher ground.

Pathfinder's story

Pathfinder shines with optimism despite the sad circumstances of his fate. The android was modified to help geological teams, but ten years ago he woke up in an abandoned laboratory, not knowing who created him and what is his purpose. But a robot can not live by himself, he needs instructions and commands. Therefore, the metal man went in search of his creator and joined the Apex heroes to get his attention. 


Tactical Ability: Grappling Hook. This skill allows Pathfinder to find the paths (hehe) to the high grounds. People may underestimate his power — don't try it. This is the key feature of this character, which helps him to stand out among the majority of other heroes. A curious thing: speed up on the rope so the robot can receive a small but tangible movement impetus after landing.

Passive ability: Insider Knowledge. He scans the beacon and determines the next ring location. It remains only to find the beacon... In fact, the Apex Legends players can be in time to reach the area, but Pathfinder can greatly ease it thanks to his cat hook.

Ultimate: Zipline Gun. The thing is, everyone can use it. Great item for a late match. Place the rope on the highest spot of the circle, then drag allies with it and calmly shoot off the bugs below you. Pathfinder can not only provide the team with a comfortable position but also save them from the assault or deliver players to the circle if they hesitate and don't have time to get there on time. 

Few tips on Pathfinder

  • Grapple hook is his best feature. Learn to use it wisely, so as your character gets speeding-up after the fall. Just swing on it while you move and release the hook a second before landing. 
  • Pathy is a great sniper. Get yourself a Longbow or a Triple Effect — hook the top spot, make a nest, shoot the ducks and get to rest. 
  • Dota skills might be useful. Remember Pudge? Hook your enemy and slice him into pieces. Peacemaker shotgun will be handy. 
  • At higher spots insure yourself with escape routes. It is better to make routes for the whole team. Ropes won't go anywhere, so you can hang them wherever you want. And during the battle, you need to think about how to kill an enemy or get around him, not about how to hang a rope.
  • Retreat doesn't mean that you have lost your position. You can move on the ropes in both directions, don't forget it. Remember about your mobility and that enemies most of the time could not expect a sudden counterattack.

Pathfinder's mobility is an advantage. Use it constantly: flank enemies, get on high and non-standard positions. Learn to use sniper rifles and DMRs — Pathfinder best of all can unleash his potential when playing as a sniper. An annoying, irritating, elusive character with his pros and cons. No worse than the others, at some points even better — thanks to an interesting and unusual gameplay. 

Pathfinder's skins










That's all, folks! Thanks for reading the ultimate Pathfinder's guide. By the way, he definitely looks like the Chappie robot from the movie, doesn't he? Or like Legion from Mass Effect? All in all, it is not so easy to implement all the advantages of this character. But you can handle it, good luck with that!


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