Apex Legends: Octane — Abilities, Tips & Skins!

Mar 20 2019 5 min read

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Along with the release of the much-awaited first Battle Pass season, Respawn Entertainment has expanded the roster of available legends with a new superfast fighter. Almost all the leaks that appeared about the hero earlier are confirmed and we've got a rather difficult character to master, but still, he will take a deserved place in the meta. Read below how to play Octane properly. 

General information

Octane is most suitable for players who prefer close contact with enemies. All his abilities are aimed at high-speed movement and creating fast frontal collisions with the ability to escape at almost any moment. 

His value for the team's success is rather doubtful though since Octane's abilities list has no skills made to improve the squad, but it is hard to imagine a better scout and damage dealer.

Octane's bio

One day, Octavio Silva got bored. However, boredom is his common state. His ever-busy parents are directors of Silva Pharmaceuticals, so the golden boy had everything that you could wish for... The only thing that somehow entertained him was performing increasingly risky stunts and filming holovideos for admiring fans. And one day, he set out to overcome the obstacle route in record time, throwing himself across the finish line... with a grenade blast. 

Later, in the emergency department, the doctors said that it was impossible to save his legs. Daredevils dashing days has come to an inglorious end. Octavio didn't like this situation, so he asked his old friend to help him. You need to be a cruel man to make people do things using their guilt: Ajay Che created some bionic prostheses for Silva. Having barely learned to walk on new legs, which could now be easily patched after any damage, Octavio decided that his career as a stuntman was too insignificant. Apex Games, yes, a real paradise for adrenaline junkies. It looked much more tempting. Now he intends to use his breathtaking stunts in order to become the champion of Apex — and challenge Death again. We hope that at least here he will not be bored.

Octane's abilities

Swift Mend

Octane's passive ability restores one health point every two seconds — but when he does not receive damage. First of all, it is intended to balance his tactical ability (read below), but also allows you to gain some advantage at an early stage of the match when medical loot is critically lacking, and clashes with opponents do not happen too regularly.


The tactical ability allows Octane to increase his movement speed by 30% for 6 seconds but for 10% of his total health points. Thus, you move faster than all your opponents — and can easily loot the best equipment in densely populated landing points and disappear at any moment. Ability's recharge time is only 2 seconds, so you should not neglect it, but we also recommend to check your HP bar periodically and hold in mind the number of first-aid kits in your inventory.

Launch Pad

With his special ability, Octane can place a small jump pad almost anywhere on the map. It is well suited for an emergency retreat, especially in a combination with Stim ability. Or you can take an enemy squad off guard by literally falling on their heads. The trampoline works well with any throwing weapons (except for shurikens) — Bangalore's smoke grenades, Caustic's gas barrels and Gibraltar's dome. Unfortunately, it's impossible to relocate items from the inventory or Lifeline's healing drone with it.  


Octane is one of the most difficult heroes to master and is intended for experienced players. At first glance, he has not so many advantages and useful skills against other legends' abilities, and those that are available seem insufficiently effective. For example, even before the release, users wondered if HP regeneration would create balance problems, but in fact, you shouldn't rely too much on it, since your HP recovers slowly enough and you still have to regularly use first-aid kits and recharge shields. Outside the ring, health does not restore, because the ability only works when the character takes no damage. 

With Stim, you can avoid negative effects which slow you down, like Caustic's poison or Bangalore's air strikes, heavy ammo and shurikens. Sometimes these things critically affect the fight's outcome. When using this ability, you can fire and use throwing objects without any penalties.

Get yourself a Peacemaker and a rifle or machine gun (VK-47 Flatline, R-301, R-99, Devotion, CHAOS rifle with a turbocharger or M600 Spitfire). 

Octane's efficiency is not greatly related to the squad, but you better have Bloodhound and Lifeline in your team. The first is also able to quickly move around the map due to his special ability and tag all targets — a significant improvement to the team's performance. Lifeline's Healing Drone and regular Air Drop supplies increase your chances. 



El Diablo

Gold Rush

Speed Demon

Victory Lap


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