Apex Legends: Mirage Guide - Abilities, Tips & Skins!

Feb 20 2019 5 min read

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Hello everyone! Today we are on our way of becoming Apex Legends greatest! He is a trickster, a funny guy — and a handsome one, isn't that it? 

Mirage is in many ways similar to Wraith speaking about his functional abilities, but he's much more effective against a group of opponents than when eliminating a single target. The correct tactic for him is attempting to control the enemy's group direction of movement, always staying at the forefront. Mirage can eliminate a couple of opponents with one try, and if something suddenly goes wrong, you can always retreat and heal. 

General information

This character will be to the taste of players who have enough experience in multiplayer shooters and keen on getting killing sprees. Unlike Bangalore, who is still a team player, despite being directly related to the attack class, Mirage is often made to take the fire on himself due to his abilities and act alone or under his teammates' protection. 


Mirage is one of those people who love to stand out. Being the youngest of four brothers, he perfectly mastered the art of fooling around, trying to get attention. The only thing he takes seriously is the holopilot technology. Since his mother, an engineer, introduced him to the art of creating illusions, he spent all his time working with the mechanisms until he knew everything he could about them. Even when his brothers went missing during the war on the Frontier, Mirage continued to develop holographic devices with his mother, and this work brought them together. 

Working as a barkeeper and barely making ends meet, Mirage more than once heard wonderful stories about the Apex Games from his clients — and what kind of wealth and fame does the victory bring. No matter how tempting it sounded to him, he did not want to put his mother at risk of losing all her children. But she decided to give him a set of personal holographic devices herself and told him to follow the dream. Now, thanks to his ability to furnish rivals and captivate viewers, Mirage is the soul of the Apex Games



A passive ability that automatically creates a holographic bait and hides the Mirage immediately after the knockout. This is for an only reason — to confuse the enemy and give you time to crawl closer to the teammates to restore health.

Psyche Out

A tactical ability that allows you to call one hologram and send it where you want it. It is handy in situations when you need to force the enemy unit to reveal their location. There is a high probability that one of the opponents will open fire, and in the meantime, you can attack from the opposite side or bypass the threat altogether without unnecessary noise. 

Vanishing Act

Mirage's ultimate ability creates several baits and hides the player for a while. If you are cornered and have low health points or you are attacked from several sides — use this ability immediately. The same applies match's later stages fights if your squad is incomplete. While the enemies are busy with other members of your team, you can take them by surprise. 

Mirage Tactics

Mirage is far from being the most flexible in terms of the character's use, but if his abilities fit your playing style, you can achieve the highest results. Do not forget to use your single bait promptly (it quickly recharges after use), the ability often allows you to win an extra few seconds — remember all the times you needed them to get the advantage in a fight. 

Lifeline and Gibraltar are your best allies — because there are situations where you take all the damage yourself and try to "have" the entire enemy squad at once, some extra armour, health and equipment will be great.

Pick up a Flatline and a Peacekeeper — the best combination of weapons for Mirage. Of course, it depends, but try to get yourself an assault rifle and a shotgun. 














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