Apex Legends: how to become a good sniper

May 21 2019 5 min read

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Recent changes in the Apex Legends' meta are essentially related to increasing the effectiveness of sniper rifles and weapons that are close to them, which automatically forces many players to try to increase the average distance of fighting to improve match outcome. Previously, most of the battles took place with very close contact, since Peacemaker and Spitfire were the top DPS, but now all these units of the arsenal have lost their former attractiveness. Below we will talk about how to quickly adjust to the current situation and find the right equipment.

Apex Legends sniper rifles

Triple Take

This rifle uses energy ammunition (their number on the map has increased notably compared to the start of the first season) and fires three horizontal bullets simultaneously, the accuracy of which can be adjusted once you install the Precision Choke modification. This gun is very effective against moving targets, but it takes a long time to make the next shot. Not the best option for beginners.

G7 Scout 

G7 Scout deals the least amount of damage per hit among all the sniper rifles, but has a relatively high rate of fire and can be effective at medium distance, depending on the set of sight installed. Light ammunition is required, that is, the most common loot on the map. Suitable as a starting weapon for beginners.


Longbow cannot boast a high rate of fire, but it does significant damage even when it hits the torso or legs of the opponent, and also slows it down a bit (this feature is relevant for all guns using heavy cartridges). In practice, it turns out to be much more effective than the Triple Take.


In its standard version, this rifle most likely belongs to the assault class, but if there is a Box with a mode switch it is possible to conduct a single fire with characteristics close to a railgun. It is also quite effective at medium distances. Uses energy cartridges.


Kraber can only be obtained from air drops (those that Lifeline calls never contain it). The rifle has the highest damage and is able to eliminate almost any target by 1-2 headshots. With it, you can single-handedly defeat a full detachment of opponents with proper aiming shooting skills. The clip contains only 8 rounds that cannot be replenished.

Sniper sights

There are several different types of sights that are ideal for sniper shooting but vary in scope.

Variable-range sights allow you to adjust the zoom, while the standard ones offer a much more successful scale. Therefore, the former are best used in combination with G7 and Havoc, and the latter with less rapid-fire category representatives.



The class system in Apex Legends is built in a way to maintain the balance between different characters and allow the players to use their abilities effectively, regardless of the chosen style of play. But some legends are still suited a little better for the role of a sniper.

Pathfinder's special skill allows you to easily reach the highest points of the map without any extra time and expenses, providing an excellent opportunity for remote fire and quick change of positions. The only way to get this hero is to use the same wire, which should be placed in sight.


Bloodhound cannot boast of Pathfinder's mobility but often has a much more valuable one: he can know exactly where the enemy's position is at any distance viewed (still, the target does not show through a wall or other shelter). It would be cool if you acquire several ability reloading accelerators.


Caustic's skills do not change the effectiveness of positioning or shooting accuracy, but they will help you in choosing defensive tactics and inform you that the enemy is approaching well in advance because gas barrels are marked when activated and highlight all opponents in the cloud.


  • Do not forget to shoot a little ahead and think of the distance to the target. Always aim a little higher and farther than the required area of impact. Each weapon has its characteristics, so practice makes perfect.
  • Experienced players once detecting a sniper can start moving completely unpredictably and erratically, so you should carefully choose the timings for shots. And do the same if you are the one hunted.
  • The sound of a rifle will attract extra attention and give out your position so regularly pay attention to the environment or ask your teammates for this.
  • When confronting a full squad, concentrate the fire on one of its participants. Eliminating the target will either force the allies to mislead the attack and try to raise the fighter or will significantly equalize your chances.

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