Apex Legends: How ranked mode works?

Jul 07 2019 3 min read

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The last of the significant updates in the Apex Legends second season was the ranked mode, which replaced Apex Elite. First of all, it's for the sessions in which players with similar skills and geolocation will meet. After three months, all users will receive an additional set of rewards depending on the rank achieved. With the help of the new system, Respawn also plans to make changes to the balance, guided by the indicators of the champions on the leading positions in the ranking table.

How ranked mode works? 

You need to reach level 10 at your account and switch the mode in the lobby to activate the ranked mode. All users begin their journey with the Bronze IV rank, which doesn't include any penalties for defeat. There are six categories in total, with four leagues in each (except the last): "Bronze", "Silver", "Gold", "Platinum", "Diamond" and "Apex Predator".


After raising the status of your account, the conditions for participation in matches also change. They will require Ranked Points in the following sequence:

  • "Bronze" matches are free.
  • "Gold" match costs 2 RP.
  • "Platinum" match costs 3 RP.
  • "Diamond" match costs 4 RP.
  • "Apex Predator" match costs 5 RP.

Ranked Points can be earned similarly for all categories:

  • Kill the enemy +1 RP (maximum 5 RP per match).
  • Top-10 placement +2 RP.
  • Top-5 placement +4 RP.
  • Top-3 placement +7 RP.
  • Win in the match +12 RP.

Thus, the maximum number of Ranked Points per match can be 17 (TOPs bonuses aren't summed up).

Reaching the next stage of the ranking cannot be reset even after a series of defeats. For example, if a player received the "Silver III" rank, he won't return to the "Bronze" rank but will fall to the "Silver IV" in case of several unsuccessful sessions.


Players who have left the ranked mode before it ends, now receive a temporary penalty for connecting to a new match, depending on how regularly such disconnects occurred before. The time block will be five minutes for the first disconnect. Its duration will increase up to one week with subsequent leaving the match.

The user loses less RP in case the defeat with due to not his fault. For example, if you finish a "Diamond" match on 20th position with two kills, in the usual case the losses will be 2 RP (4 RP spent for participating in the match, 2 kills earn only 2 RP). After applying forgiveness, the amount will go to zero. This feature is relevant only with a negative final score.


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