Apex Legends: Gibraltar Guide - Abilities, Tips & Skins!

Feb 13 2019 5 min read

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Gibraltar is one of the easiest characters of Apex Legends to master, but using him effectively still requires certain skills and experience. His tactical abilities help protect the team and himself during looting, allies resurrection or health recovering.


Gibraltar is a huge but gentle giant, the son of two SARAS (Search and Rescue Association of Solace) volunteers. He always knew how to save the weak from dangerous situations that continually arise in the dangerous edges of the new world. He made a mistake once when he was a young man — his father lost his hand because of it, and Gibraltar remembered what he had done for the rest of his life. Now he plays in Apex Games to become the best. 

Tactical ability: Dome of Protection

Activates a dome-shaped shield that blocks damage for 15 seconds. 

We have already seen this with Winston in Overwatch. Yes, the shield works in both directions, so if you want to shoot — go beyond it. Take advantage of the shield, leaving it if you need to shoot at the enemy. Come out, shoot, get in. 15 seconds — a lot, you can safely strike a couple of rounds into the enemy and remain virtually intact. If an opponent tries to break inside the dome, meet him in the forehead, along with teammates. 

Passive ability: Gun Shield

While aiming, Gibraltar unfolds a small powerful shield in front of him that blocks enemy damage.

You need to use it all the time, it effectively protects you from most body hits — and your enemies still need to hit the head, which is much harder. By the way, the shield only works in a static position and this makes Gibraltar a good sniper since the exchange of shots will be clearly in your favor.

The exact amount of damage that the shield can hold is unknown, but you can see for yourself how the defence weakens and retreat in time to recharge the ability. 

Ultimate ability: Defensive Bombardment

Concentrated artillery strike on a certain position.

Gibraltar's ultimate is the same as Bangalore's. Apex's veteran calls for an artillery strike on a specific area. Lesion radius is displayed on the ground until the moment of striking, and then — a small apocalypse starts. Bombing lasts long enough to cause significant damage to the enemy. The ideal moment for the ultimate ability — close yourselves in a building and cause a fire around it. Your enemy will be forced to attack your position, which makes them an easy target as long as you have a shield and there are three of you defending.

Tips on playing Gibraltar

  1. Remember that in-hand shield is not unlimited, so make sure you face your enemy and hope he isn't John Wick. 
  2. Take a DMR or a sniper rifle at first. While the static shooting — Gibraltar wins. Your damage will be higher than enemy's but you have a shield. The character himself is able to survive an extra shot thanks to a personal shield. 
  3. Tactical ability is ideal not for mass brawls, but in the case of protecting a teammate who needs to be revived, cured or there's a sweet container needs to be looted. Or simply outlive your own ultimate — the main thing is to activate the dome a second after the missiles start to tear everything around.
  4. The dome can be used not only near you. If the enemy is static and fires at your squad, throw the dome in that direction and just run. The shield will block damage and give you all precious seconds to get to a more advantageous position. 
  5. The character's ultimate ability is rather slow and mainly intended for zoning the enemy, not destroying it. By the way, there is no friendly fire in the game, so you can safely send an ultimate into the crowd of allies and enemies — it won't strike the ones of your own, but hide yourself as you can take damage. 
  6. There's a theory that Gibraltar is moving slower than the other characters — it's a pure myth. The animation is slower, yes, but not the movement speed.

Gibraltar's legendary and epic skins

Bunker Buster

Dark Side

Millenium Tusk

Ride or Die

Demon Hunter

Fiber Optics

Hack the system

Heat Sync

Neural Net

Our Apex Legends guides do not end here. There is still a lot of interesting stuff coming, so do not forget to read about it and good luck in battles!


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