Apex Legends: Caustic Guide — Abilities, Tips & Skins!

Feb 13 2019 5 min read

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Caustic expressively differs from the entire character roster of Apex Legends — at least with an extravagant appearance. Few were able to test him in a battle at the very start of the game because he requires 12,000 legend points or 750 Apex coins to unlock. However, this character definitely deserves attention and is one of the most difficult and interesting to learn. We will describe how to cope with the poisoning abilities and what allies are the best to form a squad in the guide below.

General information

Caustic is not suitable for those players who prefer aggressive and quick fighting. This character is about carefully planned actions, defending certain areas (mainly in close spaces) and causing damage over time. 

Simply put, if you want to successfully unleash this hero's potential and make him work in a correct way — be prepared to try, try and try again. The theory is necessary, but practice makes perfect. Most of all, Caustic will fit for those who like to avoid direct enemy combat and calculate their actions a few steps ahead.  


There was a peaceful time long ago at Humbert Labs. Frontier's pesticide market was overflowing, and the company was receiving a stable and serious income, so all the work was oriented on scientific researches. Alexander Nox — a great scientist and botanical genius — was a bright prospect at the Humber Labs. He worked on the creation of new gases daily and nightly. But in order to be confident about their efficiency, he needed something more than a tissue sample: he wanted living organisms.

Nox worked on his extra-researches secretly and eventually began to see the beauty of his creations and their ability to destroy everything they contacted with. But soon, Humbert Labs director found out about his creepy experiments. They had a conversation and the laboratory suddenly set on fire. HL's head was dead, Nox has disappeared. It is currently believed he is also dead. Caustic now finds new experiment subjects in the Apex games. He tests his gas 'masterpieces' and watches them working with interest.


Nox Gas Trap 

This tactical ability underlies character's mechanics. Caustic can install 6 bombs with poison gas — they blow up once an enemy contact them or you can trigger them with a shot.

The best use is to install them in a single closed space so that your opponent cannot avoid the effects. Also, when located right, they block the possibility to open/close doors, leaving no room for escape.  

Nox Vision

This passive ability mark enemies who get into poison clouds. In many ways similar to Bloodhound's tactical skill, but without an activation zone. Allows you to control the situation and monitor target movements. 

Nox Gas Grenade

Ultimate ability — requires a lot of time to recharge. Caustic throws a grenade, which instantly covers a large area with gas. It can serve you as a great cover in the case of a necessary retreat, or when you need to eliminate a knocked out target or a group of targets. Its explosion will definitely attract the enemy's attention, so could be useful for tactical purposes. 

Tactic tips

Try to sneak up and ambush the whole squad. Thus, it will be easy to destroy an entire enemy gang in a matter of seconds. Caustic himself is immune to all the poisons, so don't worry about his health points inside the gas cloud. In especially intense cases, combine traps and grenades to increase the damage. At the beginning of the match it is better to fully rely on your team-mates skills — do not jump into open clashes, because your abilities are much more useful in the later stages. 

Bloodhound and Wraith are your perfect partners. The first one will be also able to mark opponents through the smoke, while the second will cope perfectly with sneaking quietly from behind and leave no chance for them to winn. 

As for the weapons — try to get an assault rifle as a primary and a shotgun in case of unforeseen close contact.  














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