Apex Legends: Bloodhound Guide - Abilities, Tips & Skins!

Feb 19 2019 5 min read

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Bloodhound is one of the most formidable rivals in Apex Legends, especially in capable hands. Although the character's abilities do not have a direct relationship with inflicting huge damage to the enemy or controlling the territory, if you have a high enough skill in online shooters and have good knowledge of the Kings Canyon map — you can make your team's way to victory even without any squadmates' help in the final stages of the match. Read below how to become the greatest hound in Apex

General information

Bloodhound is suitable for players who are able to quickly cope with several opponents in a frontal collision and act tactically because the advantage in Apex Legends is not always on your side for one reason or another. 

Another very important factor is the ability to build a team since all Bloodhound skills convey information about the enemy's location and their last actions. You need to use the marking system to play correctly with this character — and also use them at the right time. 


People from the Outlands know Bloodhound as one of the greatest hunters of the whole Frontier — and this is the only thing that is known. This guy is a mystery, filled with rumours: whether he is rich and fabulous, or he's a bloodthirsty killer, or maybe a Goliath whisperer, or even a former slave or half-bat — there are many theories and versions differ depending on the narrator. 

The only thing known about Bloodhound is that he is a formidable contender to reckon with at Apex Games. Bloodhound's unrivalled tracker skills will give any team an advantage. With his help you can find hidden opponents and follow enemy movements. Appealing to the ancient earthly gods of the North, Bloodhound believes that destiny has an already predetermined path — and it always leads to death. But with this knowledge comes strength, and Bloodhound is aware: he cannot be stopped until the fateful day comes. 

Bloodhound's abilities


Bloodhound is always one step ahead. Literally — he can see the enemy's footsteps. If suddenly not too skillful or successful opponent playing this character has revealed himself ahead of time — it is worth moving carefully and think twice about whether to open another supply container or leave the building. Every noticeable action can be used against you. 

Eye of the Allfather

Bloodhound's tactical ability marks all opponents in a certain (it is worth noting that it is not too extensive) radius. Caustic's gas traps, as well as other potentially dangerous items, are also displayed on the screen. In open spaces, it is not very useful, but as for quickly finding a team that suddenly attacked your squad or for cleaning closed spaces from a lurking threat — you could never wish more. 

Beast of the Hunt

In fact — an improved version of Eye of the Allfather. Activate it — and you will be able to see all your opponents on the screen and their recent movements. The character himself significantly speeds up his mobility and reloads faster. It works for a sufficiently long time — so you can calmly get rid of an entire squad and not even give them a chance to understand where the threat came from. The ability's duration was reduced by one second in a recent patch, but this is still an incredibly useful ability.


All the main positive and negative aspects of this character are quite obvious from the description of his abilities above. If your style of play and reaction speed allows you to be top-1 without any abilities of extra damage, ammunition drops or setting traps — Bloodhound is probably the best hero in Apex Legends for you today. The character is incredibly useful for the team at any stage of the match — from the moment of landing to the selected zone (you can highlight the enemies around you to make sure you won't cross with them if your squad couldn't quickly find weapons) till the final minutes. Even if only Bloodhound remains alive, it's too early to say goodbye to the coveted top-1.

Best companions: Bangalore and Wraith/Pathfinder. Bangalore is able to launch a smoke screen that Bloodhound can see through thanks to his ability — and quickly exterminate everyone who is in this radius. Wraith or Pathfinder can move faster than others and take the enemy off guard, striking from the back. It is much easier to implement when you see enemies' exact location. 



The Plague Doctor

Emperial Warrior

Royal Guard

The Runekeeper


Fiber Optics

Gloving Viral

Hack the System

Heat Sync

Neural Net


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