Apex Legends: Bangalore Guide - Abilities, Tips & Skins!

Feb 14 2019 5 min read

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Hello there to all battle royale fellows and the rest of the people! Today we are going to provide you with another guide on the Apex Legends... legend. Her name is Bangalore, and she is the game's main attacking force. 

Bangalore is best in the middle of the battle, she is a decent warrior, and also she can retreat quickly if necessary. But all the abilities are useful only when timed well and in a properly picked squad. We have prepared a special guide for you on how to become most dangerous and damage-dealing team-mate — and to win games of course. 

General information

Bangalore is suitable for those who prefer to be in the heart of a battle and take all the frags by themselves — under allies' cover, of course. Her abilities are focused on causing maximum damage to one enemy, so she is not always handy when you need to control an entire enemy squad. 


Bangalore's family are military people. Her parents, as well as her four elder brothers, served at the IMC military forces — the girl also entered the army and since a young age has shown herself as a great soldier. Bangalore was the best in her class at the IMC Military Academy, and she was the only cadet who managed to take apart the Peacemaker, equip it with the Precision Choke and put it back together in less than twenty seconds (blindfolded). 

Three years ago Anita and her brother Jackson were on a mission to extract the mercenary fleet from Outlands and help the IMC in battles with the Militia. But they lost contact with the IMC headquarters, and when they arrived — their unit was ambushed. The squad fell back, but Jackson remained to fight, to give his sister time to escape. She is alone and unable to get home. Anita decided to apply her skills, rich weapons' knowledge and fighting spirit in the Apex Games. She fights to raise enough money and return to IMC headquarters, where she hopes to reunite with the rest of the family.


Smoke Launcher

This tactical ability allows Bangalore to shoot twice with a smoke-gun to disorient the enemy. First of all, it is suitable to rapidly eliminate a single target, who simply won't have time to understand where the threat came from. Also plays an important role in situations when you need to regroup quickly or retreat before the enemy strikes.

Double Time

If your hero takes damage while running (it doesn't matter, with or without a weapon in her hands), movement speed increases significantly. This helps to escape quickly from direct combat and find a more suitable position for to counterattack. 

Rolling Thunder

Bangalore's ultimate ability allows you to strike rocket salvo on a selected area. It deals decent damage, but in fact, it is very difficult to eliminate an enemy with it, since there's enough time to detect the threat and regroup. It is better to use it in open areas or to divert attention before sneaking from behind to a group of opponents. 

Tactic tips

Bangalore is perhaps one of the easiest heroes to master at Apex Legends, especially for those who already have some multiplayer experience in Call of Duty or Titanfall multiplayer. Use a smoke cannon in situations when you need to restore shields or hide from sniper fire. If you come under automatic weapons crossfire — run. All of them do relatively little damage, and Double Time gives you a decent speed increase, so you can save your life. Do not forget that your tactical and special abilities will help enemies to easily detect your entire squad, therefore it is reasonable to use them only when opponents are already aware of your presence nearby.  

Best companions are Bloodhound and Mirage. The first one is able to highlight everyone who is in the smoke-filled zone and quickly eliminate them, and the second will ultimately confuse everyone around with the help of his clones and will be able to attack from the opposite side of the combat zone.

Bangalore's weapon choice is obviously Peacemaker shotgun, but machine guns are cool too. 














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