Anthem producer told player to “kill lots of things”

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It looks like devs approve mass murdering of all the things living in the game

Main producer of Anthem Ben Irving shared some new details about the game in the new episode of Freelancer Codex podcast on YouTube. According to Irving, the studio developed a top notch advanced simulation of real world where fauna species will be divided into all kinds of groups and types. For instance, gamers will be able to witness a fight of two opposing packs and even partake in it. To be honest, the Anthem producer goes as far as to recommend doing that, regardless of hostile or neutral behavior of the creatures.

“All of the creatures, our monster or mobs or whatever, that you fight—it is in your interests to kill lots of things,” Irving said. “And they’ll drop loot, they’ll drop ammo pickups, they’ll drop health pickups. But I think the primary driver is around the loot, right? So you pick up these undefined things, that when you end your current expedition and go back to your home base, whether that’s the fort or the strider, you identify the gear you picked up to find out the specifics of what it is.”

The shooter release is planned for February 22, 2019. Based on the demo version of the game seen at Е3 2018, journalists praised the level of details and quality of graphics that developers managed to squeeze out of Frostbite engine.

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