Anthem might not have text chat at game launch

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What if they don't make it?

There are rumors that all gaming news appear at Reddit. Even these rumors first appeared there…

But we don’t want to talk about rumors today. Brandon Holmes, creative director at BioWare, visited Reddit, talked to people and answered some questions related to Anthem.

For instance, to the question if people are going to have connection issues playing via satellite internet, he responded positively as connection speed is important in any game. Which is quite obvious. But there were some things we didn’t hear yet. There’s a chance Anthem won’t have text chat (both general and party) at the game launch. Apparently, it has something to do with BioWare making the game cooperative and players will have to use voice chat for communication.

They justify it by the need to implement more important game features. But it’s a bit weird when chat in MMO game is not considered important. Oh well, we’ll figure out the truth in all details at Februry 22, 2019.

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