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Summoners! The end of the third season is almost already seeable, and the preparation for the fourth is going to start soon.

Summoners! The end of the third season is almost already seeable, and the preparation for the fourth is going to start soon. But to diversify your pre-season game days, WePlay.TV portal, supported by Logitech, Western Digital and Inno3D, with a big pleasure presents you its first international invitational tournament - WePlay LoL Invitational!

Well known teams will meet again on the Fields of Justice to determine the strongest. From November 18 to December 5, sixteen teams will be competing with each other for a prize pool of $ 2,000. Thirteen teams have already received a direct invitation to the main tournament, but three slots are still open. In this way, everyone will have the opportunity to join the strongest teams through the qualifying stage.

On November 14 the qualifying tournament will be held for everyone who wants to participate from EU West. All matches will be played at one day. All games will be Best of 1, Semifinals - Best of 3. TOP-2 teams will join the main participants.

On November 16 qualifying tournament will be held for the teams from CIS countries on Russian server. The best team, which excels its rivals, will receive a place in the main tournament and will compete with the strongest teams of Europe.

Details of upcoming WePlay LoL Invitational:

Format: Single Elimination
Matches: 1st Round - Best of 3. All other games - Best of 5.
Number of participants: 16 European teams
Main server: EU West

Dates: from November 14 till December 5
EU West qualifying tournament: November 14 at 18:00 CET (Registration)
RU qualifying tournament: November 16 at 12:00 CET (Registration)
Main part: from November 18 till December 5


SK Gaming:
fredy112, Jesiz, Svenskeren, CandyPanda, Nyph
Kubon, Mokatte, Czaru, Makler, Libik
Copenhagen Wolves:
 YoungBuck, Amazing, cowTard, Forg1ven, Unlimited
Jwaow, Naruterador, Belgianbeast, Motroco, BarneyD
Ultra Vires:
Nbs, Alunir, Mazzerin, DeadlyBrother, karalius
Dark Passage:
fabulous, ReostA, Naru, Holyphoenix, Holythoth
Xaxus, Jankos, Overpow, Celaver, VandeR
The RED:
FIRees, DimaJke, Fomko, NikSar, Dimonko
Heroes Team:
Jookiez, Kikis, Sebekx, Woolite, Elendix
noway4u, Blooddragon, Nurok, fredericooo, RhyminSimon
Team Dignitas UK:
Nitrix, Impaler, DxAlchemist, Samwise, Yerrow
AVA eSport:
Terry, BroeBroe, Bigg00se, Slyv3r, Muvert
MikeyR, Mowarth, Tiridus, Strategas, Niko3333


1 place - 1.500$
2 place - 500$
3-4 places - 5x Logitech G300 per team


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