Animated short: "DRAGONS"

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With every death comes honor. With honor, redemption.

Blizzard posted new Overwatch animated short. It's called "Dragons" and tells the story of two brothers - Hanzo and Genji.

With every death comes honor. With honor, redemption.

Discover the story behind one of Overwatch’s biggest rivalries in our third animated short: Dragons.

"Dragons" explores the history of conflict between the scions of the Shimada clan: Hanzo and Genji. In this episode, we follow Hanzo as he returns to the siblings' family home in Hanamura once again to seek redemption . . . only this time, he finds himself confronted by the ghosts of the past.

Don't forget that Overwatch is going to be released at May 24th and there's already first ever Overwatch LAN with $10,000 prize announced

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