AniMajor WC Predictions: Editorial vs Talents

Jun 02 2021 3 min read

WC Top-2 will proceed to the Group Stage. EpheyDota, LizZard and Arseny are having a contest to guess who's the best predictor!

WePlay AniMajor starts in just a couple of hours! Six participants of the Wild Card stage will start a battle among themselves for the right to advance to the Group Stage, whilst there are only two sacred places. Round Robin Bo2 is a serious test for anyone, and even the experts cannot predict with confidence who will take the first two lines. But this makes it more interesting!

Nevertheless, Admir "LizZard" Salkanovic and Mira "Ephey" Riad agreed to fight with our editorial Dota expert for the title of chief oracle. So, since AniMajor is divided into three stages, so too has this competition.

  • Stage 1, Wild Card: Predict top-2 and get 5 points per 1 correct team.
  • Stage 2, Groups: Daily Predictions, 1 point for guessing a match-winner + 0.5 points for a correct score.
  • Stage 3, Playoffs: Daily Predictions, 1 point for guessing a match-winner + 0.5 points for a correct score.
  • Bonus: Predict AniMajor Champion and get 20 points. 

Whoever gets the most points at the end wins!

AniMajor Wild Card Predictions and teams

AniMajor Predictions Stage 1

Here's what the experts think:

Expert WC Top-2
Ephey Vici Gaming + Team Nigma
Arseny Kuzminsky Team Nigma + Vici Gaming
LizZard Vici Gaming + Team Nigma

Ephey, Dota 2 Talent

I think Vici are currently the strongest team in the Wild Cards based on their DPC performance. They have the best support duo in the tournament and I think they have figured out solutions to a lot of the problematic heroes this patch (Dusa, BB, etc). Nigma aren’t in good shape based on their DPC performance but I think they’re in a desperate place right now and they have to absolutely bring their A-game if they want to qualify to TI, losing isn’t an option for them at the moment and I believe that they always play better in these high-pressure situations whereas a team like Secret doesn’t need to bring their A-game because their TI invite is pretty much secured.

I didn’t go for IG because I think playing with a stand-in might mess with their flow.

Arseny Kuzminsky, WePlay Editorial Journalist

As much as I want to believe in a dream, I have a clear feeling that motivation will be the primary attribute in the Wild Card. Vici really need to get through, and it's do-or-die for Nigma. On the other hand, Team Secret almost got themselves an invite, but you should never underestimate them. Only iG have a lot of DPC points thanks to the Singapore Major, but Oli couldn't make it, which reduces IG's chances dramatically. I think Nigma will place first and Vici will be second.

Also, I really look forward to the first-class Dota from my boy iLTW.

LizZard, Dota 2 Talent

When you have three teams that are top-4 in the DPC standings at the moment in this Wild Card, you know it's gonna be a tough one to call.

Just looking at the teams' recent performance and what's on the line, I'd have to give my vote to Vici and Nigma. Thinking these 2 teams have got what it takes to get out of the WC even though they underperformed the last few series in their region. I need to see EU step it up. This isn't the EU I came from, this isn't the EU I was rank #1 in... Because of that, Vici are my overall favs of the tournament together with PSG.LGD.


Well, all three participants unanimously identified the leaders. It will be fun if things don't go according to plan!

By the way, in case you missed it, here is the link to the Wild Card Schedule.


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