And the trophy goes to … Royal Never Give Up!

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And the trophy goes to … Royal Never Give Up!

The LPL 2018 champions were named and have secured their spot at Worlds.

Last weekend the LPL Summer Split 2018 champion was identified. As a result of breathtaking best-of-five series, the trophy and money prize sides with ... Royal Never Give Up. Congratz, Uzi! They defeated Invictus Gaming and reached the banner of the winner of the LPL for the second time in a row.

Both of these teams have secured their spots in the League of Legends World’s Championship group stage, which will start later this year in October in Seoul, South Korea. They will compete with other twenty two teams for the Summoner’s Cup. The only one thing to do was to decide which team deserves it more.

During the first two games, RNG were showing their dominance. Most of the attention was given to the bot lane in order to determine which ADC is THE ONE. The one, who can carry the team and the game. It turned out Uzi was definitely the most important part of the RNG team, by providing an undefeatable and unstoppable colossal damage. IG couldn’t do anything but to lose their Nexuses.

The score was 2-0 and the victory was just a game away from the RNG. It seemed IG had desperately low chances to recoup.

After a short break, IG returned to the game with a strong willingness to grab that win, to get their pride back and to prove their strengths. It was a mood of a complete concentration, which led to an amazing comeback. Two critical fights in the games 3 and 4 on a Baron Nashor with the outstanding performance of IG’s jungler Ning, brought the team to 2-2 tied up score.

One last game left to decide who is worthy to be called the best of the LPL 2018. Both teams were on fire during these series, and no one wanted to give up.

The determining game started with a small lead of IG and dropped the RNG’s chances to win. Of course, Uzi wasn’t sleeping and made a step up against his opponent JackeyLove, which helped his team to come back slowly.

The final then was interrupted with a series of game pauses caused by in-game bugs. IG took this time to recover.

Continuing pauses led the game to the situation where both teams were playing in a tug-of-war. However, with the wide open base RNG managed to gain the control over the last team fight and finally got the desirable victory.

Even though RNG were able to leave victorious, their ambiguous games left a question. Can they become the World’s best team or others will find the same weak spots in the RNG’s game style as IG did?

What do you think Uzi, are you the top-tier ADC of the best team in the world?

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