Alliance vs Na'Vi — WePlay! Valentine Madness

Feb 14 2019 3 min read

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Having shown classic Dota 2 performance, Natus Vincere managed to end the game in their favour. The victory should by credited to Bounty Hunter, and the hero is going to be a lot more popular among regular gamers in the coming days.

First map

Na’Vi did start aggressively constantly pushing all the three lanes, which resulted in scoring 5:1 against Alliance. Despite that, right after the 10th minute Alliance managed to get back in the game with perfect plays performed by Bristleback. The team started to fight the opponents back, and the score got even by the 15th minute. Although the Scandinavians had a huge advantage in experience earned, it took more than 45 minutes to finish the game.

Second map

Na’Vi chose a pretty unusual and controversial draft, as Dragon Knight has always been struggling against Pugna on the middle lane, and the European team did use that weakness to push. MagicaL proved to be not that simple though, and he collected the much-needed Radiance. Lifestealer collected one as well, and the game got close to even by the 30th minute with Alliance keeping a small advantage in kill-count. MiCKe did great using Phantom Lancer, and mighty cores from Swedish team forced Na’Vi to lose two Roshans in a row. The tables have turned though when the CIS team focused on enemies’ support heroes. After harvesting Roshan once again, Alliance marched to the high ground where they met furious resistance from Na’Vi who performed a brilliant comeback. “Born to win” did what they were meant to.

Third map

Both teams chose some terrifying picks for the third map. Alliance decided to bet on Razor, Night Stalker, and Morphling while Na’Vi responded with Medusa, Centaur Warrunner for Blizzy (aka PogChamp), and Bounty Hunter. Both teams started the decisive match cautiously, and Alliance got a small advantage in net worth pushing the bottom lane. Na’Vi won a few team fights thanks to the ultimate ability performed by Keeper of The Light, and Bounty Hunter proved to be a working solution. These experiments with meta resulted in scoring the first Roshan by Na’Vi on the 28th minute, which eventually gave the team extra 14 thousand gold. A few minutes later, and Na’Vi snowballed the second victory and won the series.


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