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Sep 06 2020 3 min read
WePlay Esports Omega League Esports Event

The brightest event in Dota 2 universe this summer

This is it. The final day and Grand Final of OMEGA League are taking place right now on Twitch and YouTube. We want to thank all of you who were with us this month. We hope that TI's absence wasn't so hard for you because of our unforgettable show. 

We went through many bright moments, felt tons of different emotions, and laughed until we got stomach cramps. Therefore, in this article, we decided to collect everything that we remember for this month and present this memory card to you, dear readers, and viewers.

Let's start from the basis:

OMEGA League Concept

Numerous interviews with OMEGA League participants were held. If (by pure coincidence, of course) you missed some of the materials, now is the right time to fill in the blanks and read/see what the players told us during the Dota 2 tournament.

Dota 2 Interviews

Other video-interviews can be found on our YouTube channel.

In addition to interviews, every week we presented to your attention the symbolic teams of the week:

  1. OMEGA League: Team of the Week 1
  2. OMEGA League: Team of the Week 2
  3. OMEGA League: Team of the Week 3
  4. OMEGA League: Team of the Week 4

Fans of the 496 Gaming, FlyToMoon, and Quincy Crew teams cheered when we released these articles:

496 Gaming are OMEGA League Asia Divine Champions!

FlyToMoon is the OMEGA League Europe Divine Division winner!

Quincy Crew are the OMEGA League Americas Divine Division Champions!

We want to congratulate business associates for their path in OMEGA League in Americas Ancient Division and their glorious victory!

How many of you would not like to go behind the scenes of a tournament? We are sure that there are none, so we prepared both a reportage from the studio with colorful decorations and a full-fledged video showing the league “making” process.

OMEGA League studio — reporting from the scene

Speaking of the studio, there were so many funny moments that we are in a hurry to share with you:

Notable credits to Team Secret Twitter - their memes and attention to details made the whole WePlay Esports team laugh!

A little lore never killed nobody:

Zeus Dota 2 Lore — the Ancient Greek God

Hercules as a Dota 2 character

Our production team made a lot of amazing content with our talents:

Especially, we want to highlight our Late Night Show with talents - you will really regret not watching it live.

Moreover, those who watched our live streams may have noticed our fabulous Dota 2 AR-map.

Of course, we can’t go without epic moments from the teams:

We won’t say “goodbye” to you or Dota 2 games. We’ll take a little break and return with MORE great events, just stay tuned and follow our social media so not to miss any news: Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


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Quincy Crew are the OMEGA League Americas Divine Division Champions!
Danko the Dolphin — new Dota 2 character!


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