All-Star Shanghai 2013

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On May 24 an exciting and important event starts for the fans of League of Legends – the week All-Stars.

On May 24 an exciting and important event starts for the fans of League of Legends – the week All-Stars. The mentioned event will be held in Shanghai (China) during May 24-26, and it will bring together the world’s best players in the opinion of the community. As exactly the community has chosen the candidates for the combined teams of Europe, North America, South Korea, South Asia and China.

What are the main expectations? We will see the exciting fights of the teams, as well as the battles in individual competitions for each of the positions (Top vs Top, Mid vs Mid, Botlane vs Botlane, Jungler vs Jungler). Certainly all the winners receive glory and honor, but besides, the valuable prizes and numbers which are not announced yet.

So, if you have serious plans for the upcoming weekend, here is the schedule of All-Stars Weekend Shanghai 2013:

May 24:

Opening Ceremony - 07:00 CET
2v2 Skill Competition - 08:00 CET
Jungle Skill Competition - 08:00 CET
North America team vs China team - 09:00 CET
Europe team vs South Korea team - 12:30 CET

May 25:

Ring Ceremony - 07:00 CET
Top Lane Skill Competition - 08:00 CET
Mid Lane Skill Competition - 08:00 CET
Match of losers teams - 09:00 CET
The first semifinal - 12:30 CET

May 26:

Skill Competition Finals - 04:00 CET
The second semifinal - 05:30 CET
Grand final - 09:00 CET

Teams Staff:


sOAZ - TopLaner
Diamondprox - Jungler
 Alex Ich - AP Carry
Yellowpete - AD Carry
 Edward - Support
hxd - Coach

North America:

Dyrus - TopLaner
saintvicious - Jungler
scarra - AP Carry
Doublelift - AD Carry
Xpecial - Support
LiQuiD112 - Coach

South Korea:

Shy - TopLaner
InSec - Jungler
Ambition - AP Carry
PraY - AD Carry
Madlife - Support
Reach - Coach

South Asia:

Stanley - TopLaner
HarLeLuYar - Jungler
Toyz - AP Carry
 Chawy - AD Carry
MiSTakE - Support
Puffs - Coach


PDD - TopLaner
Troll - Jungler
Misaya - AP Carry
WeiXiao - AD Carry
XiaoXiao - Support
Aaron - Coach

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