Alisa Bosconovitch: more human than android

Oct 05 2020 4 min read

The story of a Alisa in Tekken games, and how she seems to be more human than android.

Tekken 7 has more than 35 fighters, and each one has their own lore and fighting style. Let's dive deep into each character's stories and, maybe, it'll help you choose your main fighter.

Who is Alisa from Tekken?

The story of Alisa Tekken 7 and her nature is quite unusual. 

The release of this character happened in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. The game's lore tells that Alisa is an android created by Doctor Bosconovitch. He created her in the image and likeness of his daughter name Alisa, who became terminally ill and, unfortunately, couldn't recover.

Why does she have such a revealing outfit and forms? Tiny shorts, an open neckline, red shoes, stockings, and a garter on one of them... Let's leave this question for the critics and some of the game fans dissatisfied with the fighter's appearance.

Alisa with her equipment

This character first appeared in the Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion scenario campaign and has often been criticized for her outfit on social networks and admiration from the other part of the fans, who even created physical objects with their own hands as a gift to loved ones.

Handmade art of Alisa Tekken 7

At the moment of Alisa's appearance in the game's story mode, she was almost finished with the help of Dr. Bosconovitch and Mishima Zaibatsu's fundings. 

But then Lars Alexandersson appears in the research institute with his army and awakens the "sleeping beauty." Evil "monsters" in the face of six robots from the G Corporation attacked Lars, and Alisa rushed to his aid, cutting opponents with her chainsaws built into her hands.

Rescued from death, Lars invites Alisa to join him in the search and punishment of Jin Kazama, the head of Mishima Zaibatsu. During this journey, the characters became as close as humans and robots (but not an ordinary one, since she's practically human) can show feelings for each other.

And everything would be fine if Wang Jinrei didn't meet them on the way, who sowed doubts in Lars' soul, telling him to beware of Alisa. Further on their way appeared Lee Chaolan, who assured the couple that they could count on his help.

Alisa and Lars

Local "Bonnie and Clyde" managed to get to the leader Jin Kazama's place, but he reprogrammed Alisa against Lars and forced her to fight him. Lars' screams, "It's me," to no affect, and he had to fight her. 

At the end of long fights between the heroes (Lars + Alisa, Azazel + Alisa, Jin + Lars), Alisa had to be turned off, and Lee Chaolan promised to fix her and reprogram the android.

In Tekken 7, we meet Alisa for the first time when Lee wakes her up. Since the new system's loading hasn't yet been completed correctly, Alisa attacks him, and they engage in battle, from which Lee emerges victorious.

Despite being an android, she can cry and express various emotions that affect a story. In some situations, when someone calls Alisa a robot, she denies it and claims that she is a human. 

Just about taking Alisa to Lars, Lee discovers that the Violet Industry's protection system is absolutely worthless because Tekken Forces rush into their laboratory. Having defeated them together, they find Lars (a happy moment of the meeting). Then the same enemies attack them again (bad defense and lack of video surveillance of the territory), led by Nina Williams, who blocks Alisa's way while trying to take Jin from the laboratories.

As the girls fight, the army picks up the disabled Kazama in a helicopter. But — here's an unexpected turn — Lee appears in the helicopter, throws enemies from the aircraft, and warns his team, Lars and Alisa, to evacuate, and blows up the floor where Nina was.

This is where the storyline of Alisa Bosconovitch in Tekken 7 ends.

Fighting style

A pretty girl in a revealing outfit that may awake certain emotions is a real fighting machine. Her backdash is fast and covers a lot of space. Also, her grace allows her to sidestep and evade moves that some other fighters can't. Alisa's agility helps her to play hit-and-run so easily that some players admit her one of the strongest fighters in the roster.

In addition to the obvious characteristics, Alisa has useful military equipment for a fight. For example, wings that appear behind her back allow you to quickly fly over the battlefield for an impressive kick at the enemy or cover a distance in a short time. Or chainsaws on the forearms that do significant damage to the enemy's health bar. The head, which can act as a combat projectile, which Alisa effortlessly throws at the enemy's feet, explodes and then returns to its place. Alisa's body can rotate 360 degrees around its axis, giving more space for a variety of techniques.

With all these advantages and military equipment, it'll take a lot of skill from a player because many of Alisa's moves require fast reactions.


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