Alchemist Dota 2 Lore

Jul 28 2020 4 min read

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Little Razzil absorbed the wisdom of the ancient Darkbrew family from his childhood. His father owned a shop selling various goods for alchemy, as well as rare types of stones obtained as a result of alchemical experiments.

The young representative of the Keen race had to absorb the knowledge of ancient art on his own, between daily duties and serving visitors in the shop. And, we must admit, he did it well. Rumors began to spread throughout the local terrains about how talented and smart little Razzil was.

He loved to read ancient manuscripts and biographies of various alchemists. Most of all, he liked the stories and legends about the powerful alchemist Midas. One of the most vivid and beloved stories of Razzil was about how one king ordered Midas to create an item to replenish the treasury of his country. An experienced alchemist created golden gloves that were supposed to be worn only by a select few and used at particular moments, for example, military needs. You can imagine how powerful and wealthy that kingdom was.

It was then that a dream arose in the head of young Razzil, if not to possess such a thing, then to have enough knowledge to repeat it or come up with another way to gain colossal wealth quickly.

As the years passed, Razzil became the full-fledged owner of the family business, but countless wealthy thoughts did not leave his head. Realizing that trading in a shop would not bring him the fame and the wealth he had desired from childhood, he left the family business and, thanks to his extensive knowledge of alchemy, got a job in the government.

Dota 2 Lore: Alchemist

His duties included looking for clandestine laboratories that illegally conducted alchemical experiments, and punishing violators. During one of the investigations, Razzil discovered another illegal laboratory. Local alchemists were able to develop a recipe for gold production. True, their knowledge was not enough to make high-quality metal. This event made Razzil wonder if he could improve the recipe he found and make the childhood dream of untold wealth come true.

After working on improving the formula, the alchemist set up an experiment with a copper coin. He poured the pre-prepared concoction over it and watched as first, the coin was covered with a cloud of smoke, and then there was a small bang. After clearing the haze, Razzil saw that the old copper coin had turned into a gold plate of excellent quality.

Rejoicing that his formula turned out to be correct, the alchemist began to fill in this concoction with all the things that came to his hand. And, of course, they also turned to gold. The only thing left was to figure out how to become rich by using your alchemical concoction on a large-scale subject.

Preparations have begun for the implementation of this idea. After months of searching for the right ingredients and preparing the right amount of mortar, Razzil was ready to turn the mountain of stones into precious metal.

Rumors about an ambitious alchemist and his unprecedented experiment spread throughout the area, and a crowd of people gathered to watch this action. Razzil spilled the entire mass of the concoction over a large pile of stones and waited. As in his previous experiments, first, the rocks started to cover with smoke, and then (who would have thought?) there was a powerful explosion. Stones scattered in different directions, damaging buildings and injuring many residents. For this, Razzil was convicted and thrown into prison.

Alchemist Dota 2

The locals were quite cruel towards the alchemist, who recklessly put them in danger with his desire for wealth and not only put him in shackles, but also put a bloodthirsty hungry ogre named Al with him. But we remember which race Razzil is? He managed to persuade the stupid ogre not to eat him and, moreover, to help him escape from prison. Of course, the ogre agreed.

Inmates were sometimes allowed to take walks in the enclosed area. This allowed the accomplices to gather the ingredients Razzil needed to prepare a unique alchemical concoction.

On the day the solution was ready, Al drank the liquid given to him by the alchemist and fell into a wild rage. He smashed the door of their dungeon and killed the guards standing nearby. He picked up their weapons and, putting the short alchemist on his back, shattered the entire prison, and then disappeared into the woods.

When the concoction action ceased, Al became the former bloodthirsty, but rather calm and stupid ogre. Now bosom friends and accomplices wander through the woods, collecting the materials they need for mortar and turning small creatures into gold coins.


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