AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 2 results

Sep 29 2018 2 min read

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When AfreecaTV GSL Super Tournament 2 started this week, there were 3 players still in the run for the final spot at StarCraft 2 WCS Finals, which takes place during Blizzcon. Now Solar and sOs are in Ro4 and both have a chance to play in the main event of the year.

It’s complicated, but we’ll try to explain

sOs currently has 3950 WCS points and Solar is at 3425, so the difference between them is 525. Tomorrow they play each other in Semi-Finals of GSL Super Tournament and the winner gets additional 375 points, which is not enough to break the difference. If Solar wants to go to WCS Finals, he needs not only to beat sOs, but also take down the next opponent in Grand Finals of Super Tournament.

If Solar doesn’t win GSL Super Tournament, sOs gets the trip to Blizzcon no matter who wins the match in Ro4.

TL’DR: Solar needs to beat sOs and his next opponent to go to StarCraft 2 WCS Finals. Otherwise, sOs gets the last seed.

Last year sOs was in a similar situation. In the last Super Tournament, he lost to his teammate Rogue, who eventually won Blizzcon and became World Champion.

On the other side of the GSL ST Ro4 bracket, there is Dark and Classic, both have Blizzcon tickets safely secured.


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