Actions of God of War could’ve taken place in Egypt

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Kratos would be able to fight Anubis? That would be so awesome!

While being on Devcom developer conference (which takes place before Gamescom), Cory Barlog said the God of War team considered several possible settings. 

Once they had to decide on a mythology to use for the action, the team evenly split in two. Half of the employees believed Kratos and his son would perfectly fit into Norse mythology, while the other half rallied for Egypt. The final decision was all up to Cory Barlog though. And the rest is history, we know the results – Furious North. 

What was definitely out of question is the son of Kratos. The boy was in the game concept from the very beginning, however many testers voiced their resentment about the game straying away from its roots. They said the former god of war's character changed and his son just gets in his way. Good thing that Barlog stood his ground and was sure about his decision which created the fastest-selling exclusive for PS4

Early concept art in Egypt setting, 2013, oil on canvas, Photoshop.

Another concept art, the Norse version 

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