About 12% of Taiwan internet users watch esports

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Of those who know that esports exist, of course

  • Newzoo reports on gaming market of Taiwan shows that 12% of online users who know about esports actually watch esports content several times a month.
  • 54% of a total number of online users watch gaming video content.

Newzoo's recent report on research of the video gaming market in Taiwan pointed out that only 12% of people who are aware of esports will actually watch live streams several times a month.

Newzoo predicts that 14,5 million gamers in Taiwan will spend overall around $1,3 billion on video games in 2018. 

The report says that Taiwanese gamers were asked about many topics, including viewing habits, demographic data and spending habits. According to the report, 78% of players in the region spend money on in-game items and virtual goods last monthNewzoo expects 14,5 million gamers in Taiwan will spend overall around $1,3 billion on video games in 2018.

54% of the population said they watch gaming video content with 49% using mobile devices for that. 7% said that while they do watch the content, they play games less than once per month. The most popular discipline for esports viewers in Taiwan is League of Legends.

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