Abaddon Dota 2 Lore

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Abaddon grew up as a black sheep in his house. Instead of training in battles with his brothers, he often spent long days breathing in the dark mist.

Where is a place that any person is afraid to go, but the dark creatures consider it a source of power, their family, and home? There is no sun, no living beings, no hope for good.

A newborn

There was a crack with the source of dark matter in the dark depths of the Earth. A scary dark mist, giving power, poured from unknown dimensions into our world. The ancient clan Avernus guarded that territory, receiving a power that no other family could defeat.

"My lord, we need to arrange a baptismal rite," muttered the elderly priest politely, and picked up the fragile sleeping newborn from the Lord's hands.

"I name you Abaddon, the youngest of the Avernus clan." The ruler said hoarsely, passing the next heir into the hands of the priests.

Dota 2 Lore: Abaddon, the Lord of Avernus

Baptism by Mist

Having collected the necessary artifacts for the rite, a string of older men in dark robes proceeded to the rift for the already familiar baptismal ceremony. Arriving at the sacred place, to the Font of Avernus, the group spread around the source in a specific order. The oldest of them with the sleeping heir on his hands prepared to start a ceremony, but he was interrupted by an indistinct hum. A pair of priests began to whisper in surprise, pointing to the source.

"Let me share with you our observations," one of them addressed the oldest. "Do you see the blue glow in the Font of Avernus? Earlier, we did not observe such phenomena in the days of the baptism of newborns."

"We cannot postpone the sacred rite of baptism to convene the powers of the spirits and discover this phenomenon's nature. We must baptize Abaddon on the day of his appearance from the womb of his mother. Otherwise, he will forever remain the family's weakest, and we will have to be punished by the Lord."

Submissive silence was his answer. Nobody expressed a will to argue with the Elder, whose look full of darkness could swallow your essence if you even try to do anything against his will.

The baby, whose first day of life was the most important and determined his fate, peacefully dozed in the hands of the dark priest until the moment when the Elder started to pronounce ominous spells with a formidable roar. An angry scream cut through space. Ignoring the crying baby, a group of priests united and chanted preparatory mantras.

Dota 2 Lore: Abaddon, the Lord of Avernus

Mystery power

Having finished the speech, with a sharp jerk, lifting the newborn by one leg, the Elder dipped him into the source of powers.

A bright blue radiance illuminated the ceremony's place, and the kid screaming in a frantic cry suddenly fell silent. After a short time, the fog receded, and the priests saw a bright blue light, which shone in the newborn's eyes. It seemed that all the knowledge of the universe is contained in this conscious gaze. All those present were scared because none of them had ever seen such a thing before. The usual rite of baptism consisted of immersing the heir in a source of dark mist, under the roar of spells, without any effects with bright eyes. Inner strength filled newborns and allowed the heirs of the Avernus clan to grow as strong warriors, defenders of the clan, and guards of the misty Font.

"No one should know what happened here," the Elder finally said, breaking the astonished silence, and the old men in dark robes returned to the family mansion.

Dota 2 Lore: Abaddon, the Lord of Avernus

The first battle

Abaddon grew up as a black sheep in his house. Instead of training in battles with his brothers, he often went to the Font and spent long days in meditation, breathing in the dark mist, gradually becoming it. What the mysterious forces of an ancient source from darkest depths whispered to him is unknown to anyone.

A couple of decades passed, and it was the turn of the youngest of the Avernus clan to go to the great war to show what they learned in long training with dignity. There was no hope for Abaddon, but he also needed to join his brothers.

Thunder was rattling, screams, and the clang of weapons rushing from all sides, the corpses of enemies and their horses lay everywhere. The Abaddon brothers rushed to the aid of their army, while he launched his mount in a leisurely gallop.

And the unexpected happened - the enemies around the Lord of Avernus began to slow down, their weapons did not smash in the blink of an eye, they could not run at the same speed from the army of the Abaddon brothers.

Dota 2 Lore: Abaddon, the Lord of Avernus

The chosen one

In one second, the youngest, who was considered weakest in battles, hit one enemy with a bunch of blue mist that escaped from his longsword. At the same time, one of his brothers, struck by the enemy, stood up, feeling the force of life bestowed upon him by Abaddon.

Raising his weapon, the Lord of Avernus surrounded himself with a rotating sphere of armor, consisting of dark mist, and galloped into the crowd of the enemies, where no one even scratched him. Striking foes right and left, Abaddon was like a dark fog, the wisdom of which he comprehended daily in meditation. His eyes shone with blue light, like his mount, faithful and fast. After some time, the sphere of armor suddenly exploded, returning all the damage inflicted by the enemies in return.

A new detachment of opponents, in even higher numbers, rushed at Abaddon and his brothers, brandishing swords, axes, and casting magic spells to defend themselves. The power of the Lord of Avernus seemed to be running low, and now the weapon was reaching through his armor, dealing damage and consuming vitality.

But a loud alarming sound cut through the noise of the battle: Abaddon and his mount were caught in a mystical blue fire. The hits from the enemies, which by inertia still reached him, seemed to bring life back to him. Seeing such a transformation, the army of enemies realized that they could not defeat such a mighty warrior who had power over life and death and fled from the battlefield.

Dota 2 Lore: Abaddon, the Lord of Avernus

Thus, from the very first battle, Abaddon, the Lord of Avernus was recognized as the most powerful warrior of the family, a real defender of the Font of dark mist.


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