AAA games are dying according to David Jaffe

Dec 02 2018 2 min read

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David Jaffe, the famous creator of Twisted Metal and the original God of War, has recently announced he's most likely quitting developing games due to the fact they are much more different now from when he used to make them. He also claims that AAA video games as a category are dying.

The main idea expressed by David comes down to current AAA games being repetitive, and as an example he brings out Uncharted, claiming Uncharted 4 and the original game feel the same when you play it. Jaffe also stresses he's not labeling AAA games as "bad", instead saying that AAA action/adventures in particular are "atrophying", and Uncharted 4 - despite being a well executed quality product - is a great example of that.

To prove his words, David compares the gameplay sequences in Uncharted and Uncharted 4 that happen to be absolutely the same mechanics-wise. Though he definitely has a point here, it is worth noting, that Uncharted 4 being an Uncharted game is not a sin in any case and doesn't indicate the whole genre is dying. There's still a lot to discuss and the topic is undoubtedly a lot deeper than the way Jaffe serves it.

We should also recall that Jaffe's latest child - Drawn to Death - happened to be a financial disaster, despite being an experimental and non-repetitive title. It sure is a highly underrated game, but Drawn to Death was still a helluva mess unable to reach its core audience. Maybe the main flow here was the absence of understanding who the game was built for in the first place.

David's been pretty active on Twitter in recent days defending loot boxes and making some other controversial claims. It is definitely worth reading, and who knows - maybe you'll jump on to the conversation to express your own thoughts.


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