A YouTuber managed to play World of Warcraft: Classic a week early

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A YouTuber managed to play World of Warcraft: Classic a week early

Someone is catastrophically impatient...

Demo version of World of Warcraft: Classic is supposed to be out next week at BlizzCon but one of the players already took a glance at the good old Azeroth earlier than others, using emulator software. A YouTuber from Dodgy Kebab channel said that demo of the Classic game client got leaked into several Discord channels. So he found a way to get into the game with the help of sandbox emulator by connecting MMORPG at his PC. 

Sure, this method is not ideal in use: unlike real demo version, this one has no NPCs and quests. But Dodgy Kebab got a sneak peak of WoW: Classic world and recorded a video with comparison of special effects with the legendary visuals of 2005. 

The versions have different textures and lighting, as well as a few tweaks in game menu. However, you can return everything to the old school way by pressing “Classic” button that reverts the game back to the thirteen years old version. Those who purchased BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket can already download the World of Warcraft: Classic client beforehand.

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