A wealth of Teamfight Tactics reveals

Oct 22 2019 3 min read

A wealth of Teamfight Tactics reveals ⚡⚡⚡ Esports and gaming news, analytics, reviews on WePlay! The latest news on WePlay!

Teamfight Tactics Rise of the Elements will hit the PBE today. Streamers and other personalities have shared tidbits of the new content coming to the game in what is essentially a significant overhaul. 

Elements now replace the Origin trait, and each game will also have an element which will determine special hexes and such during the match. The following are the Elements known to appear in the game for now.

  • Ocean requires 2, 4, 6 Champions to activate the trait. It provides Mana per second to all allies. 

  • Machine 2, 3, 4 Champions and provides  all machines with invulnerability to damage for a few seconds after HP drops below 50% 

  • Woodland only needs 3 Champions, and it randomly clones a Woodland Champion at the beginning of each round.

  • Poison also only needs 3 Champions. Its afflicts opponents with  a neurotoxin which increases the mana they need to cast their spells

  • Desert requires 2 and 4 Champions who receive increased armour penetration from 50% to 90% 

  • Other Elements include Shadow, Light, Crystal, Electric, and Infernal. 


Several Champions including Annie, Diana, Thresh, Mundo, Nautilus, Nami, Syndra, Vladimir, Singed, Renekton, Twitch, and Zyra have been revealed. Zed, Kha'Zix, and Veigar are receiving Elemental updates. Then there’s Qiyana who William “scarra” Li confirmed will have a variable Element which shifts with the Element of the game.

Thresh, Nautilus, and Nami are of the Ocean Element. They also fall under Mystic for Nami, with Warden for Thresh and Nautilus. 

Veigar, Vladimir and Syndra all fall under Mage and also double as Ocean except for Veigar who is a Shadow Element.

Kha’Zix returns as a Desert Element Assassin, and Zed is Electric Element Master. LeBlanc almost doesn't fit in with them as a Woodland Element Assassin/Mage.

Singed and Twitch have been revealed as Poison Element, with the former also falling under Alchemist.


  • Mages require 3 and 6 Champions to activate its trait which provides a (50%,100%) chance to double cast their spell. 

  • Wardens require 2, 4 and 6 to activate, providing them with extra armour if stacked. They have the potential of becoming huge tanks. Also, the new item Warden’s Mail will transform any Champion with it into a Warden. Warden Mail is created by combining the Spatula with Chainmail.

  • Berserkers require 3 and 6 to activate and causes Berserkers to jump to the enemy a short distance. It also provides a chance to cleave for AoE damage. 

  • Masters trait is activated with 3 and 6 Champions. They gain Health (40%, 100%) before combat begins. Summoned units from Masters Champions will also stay on the board longer.

New Mechanic

Full-time TFT streamer and former League of Legends pro scarra also revealed Elemental Hexes which plays a significant role in the game. They give small buffs to Champions on them and persist throughout the game. 

Each hex has its own buff which takes up an item slot. They are:

  • Cloud, 30% Dodge chance.

  • Ocean, 30 mana on start.

  • Infernal, 30% attack speed.

  • Mountain, 30 permanent HP (lasts for the rest of the game).

Don’t forget that the PBE is the place to be. That's if you want to see Rise of the Elements before it makes its way to the live servers on November 6 with the arrival of Patch 9.22.


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