A Quick Guide to League of Legends’ New Item Shop

Jan 22 2021 3 min read
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The new LoL item shop can be confusing without some explanation. Here are our quick tips to mythic items, shop clutter, and the recommendations tab.

Recently, League of Legends’ item shop got a new upgraded look. In many ways, the in-game tool was just rearranged and reskinned. However, Riot Games also removed, exchanged, or upgraded many items, forever changing the way LoL players build their characters.

9 different icon arts for upgraded items in League of Legends

Mythic and Legendary Items

There are now highly powerful “Mythic” and “Legendary” items that greatly define the new item shop. Players can only buy one of them, and they’re meant to be the cornerstones of any player’s build. This change brings new weight to powerhouse items and forces players to be a little more creative with their builds.

The League of Legends champion, Swain, using the time-freezing item, Zhonya's Hourglass, which covers him in glittering gold

Active Abilities 

This new update removed many active abilities from items. Instead, the new item shop focuses more on passive item abilities. A few favorites like Zhonya’s Hourglass stayed the same, though. 

Taking away the large plethora of items with active abilities helps simplify item choices somewhat, focusing the gameplay more on mechanics and teamwork instead of juggling your item abilities to play them just at the right time.

12 League of Legends items that were removed in the most recent item shop upgrade

Removed Items

Riot Games has removed over 50 items, either renaming them, reworking them, or deleting them entirely from the game. Before, the item shop was highly saturated with a lot of items that people barely used or only bought for hyper-specific builds. 

While this now means no one can do any top tier memes like buying 6 Luden’s Echoes (now Luden’s Tempest), it does decrease the clutter that players have to sort through. This particularly can be helpful for new players.

three recommended items in the League of Legends items shop, such as Doran's shield, Doran's Blade, and a corrupting potion

Recommendations Tab 

The most complex and overwhelming new tab in the item shop is the recommendations tab. While most of the item shop and the remaining classic items only look a little different (cosmetically or functionally), the recommendations tab is wildly new. 

Now, in this tab, the game offers three items based on the champion match-up you’re facing. Below that, it shows a horizontal bar of items commonly built on your champion by other players. Between both sets of information, you should be able to put together a solid, reactionary build, even if you don’t play that specific champion too much. 


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