A match-made-in-Street Fighter

Mar 30 2020 4 min read

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On January 22, 2020, the Japanese voice actors for Street Fighter V's G and Kolin, Kazuhiro Yamaji, and Romi Park revealed their marriage to one another. The powerhouse couple has lent their voices to many anime and video games, creating numerous memories for fans across the world. Together they make a lovely couple, but what about their Street Fighter counterparts? Could Kolin really agree to marry G? 


The lore

Kolin is a religious zealot that follows the teachings of the Secret Society. In Street Fighter V, she resurrects Charlie Nash after mistaking him for the man prophesied to defeat M. Bison. It turns out she was wrong, and Ryu was actually the destined warrior. 

Upon the failure of her project, Gill, the leader of the Secret Society, still chooses to keep her by his side, and this is most likely how she becomes the personal assistant we see in Street Fighter III: New Generation. His belief in her is the crux of her relationship with Gill, making Kolin fiercely loyal to him and their holy scripture, the Book of Miraha. 

G first met Kolin lying in the tundra after losing her military unit and homeland to war. He offers to build her a new country, giving her a new purpose in life, which she accepts wholeheartedly. Kolin's reverence for Gill becomes her reason to live, holding the enigmatic being in the highest regard. 

On the other hand, G is the self-proclaimed "President of the World." A title that automatically puts him at odds against Gill and the Secret Society. His origins are unknown, and he wields the powerful ability, geokinesis. 

Unlike the cruel and ruthless Kolin, G is virtuous, sympathetic, and compassionate. As such, he sees adversaries like M.Bison and Gill as citizens of the world that have simply lost their way, and not as enemies to be conquered. 

Why a being with the mysterious power he possesses and his knowledge of every martial art would choose to spread his message of peace and unity in livestreams is also unknown. Unsurprisingly, his reach and following were quite small until he met Rashid, who helped grow G's popularity and spread his message. 

Soon after, Gill chose to reveal his presence to the world during one of G's livestreams, and a fight ensues. Even though G loses the battle, he still firmly believes in his mission to unite the world using the Gate of Harmony. Gill goes back to his lair to ponder on why G's power is so familiar to him. 


Can love blossom on the battlefield?

G and Gill bear similarities besides the first letter of their names. They both wield immense power and believe that it is their destiny to unite the world. 

Taking a closer look at G, the gold on his body, and his control over earth and magma, one could speculate that he's some sort of manifestation of the earth itself, aka Gaia. G believes he's not just the president of the world but also the entire universe. One could say it's the politically correct way of calling yourself a god, the only word Gill uses to describe himself. 

Based on similarities like their ideologies, Kolin could have easily become a follower of G had he been the one to find her in the snow. However, meeting Gill first, her reverence for him will probably always go unmatched for as long as he lives. 

Her cruel, ruthless, and unforgiving personality is also at odds with G's softer nature. Yet, that's a side of her that she doesn't share with Gill, so would logically not show G if they were together. Kolin likely shares the Secret Society leader's opinion of G, which would probably not be flattering. 

As it stands, Kolin's feelings towards Gill are less physical and more metaphysical, like a human worshipping a deity. His dreams and goals are hers as well, just like any other loyal subject would ensure, so there really wouldn't be any room for G in her cold heart unless Gill ordered it. 

As for Mr. President, he also doesn't appear to have any interest in relationships other than being a shepherd to his flock. Yet, every good politician knows that you need a good reliable spouse by your side to win public approval, and G does seem to be a pseudo politician/preacher.

With his desire to unite the world, it's easy to envision G taking an interest in reshaping Kolin's connection with the world and the people in it. His reaction to losing his match against Gill also portrays a resilience and perseverance that would come in handy when wooing Kolin. 


I now pronounce thee

So, in my opinion, Kolin would never fall in love with G, let alone marry him. However, if it suited Gill's plans, she would do it in a heartbeat. She'd probably even take on her Helen Persona to ease the process along. 

As for G, even with foreknowledge of an ulterior motive, he probably would consider marrying Kolin. If only for the hope of bringing her over to his side. It would certainly be a dysfunctional marriage with both parties plotting and scheming, one openly and the other secretively. It would make for an exciting soap opera, or maybe even a movie like "The War of the Roses" or "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." 

Thankfully Romi Park and Kazuhiro Yamaji aren't anything like Kolin and G. I'd pick their marital bliss over the carnage that will result from a union between Kolin and G any day. What about you?


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