A lightning strike summoned a mystical cube. And it’s moving!

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Something epic is stirring up in Fortnite

Remember those purple lightning flashes filling up the sky in Fortnite? So, after another strike there appeared a weird gigantic cube and everyone on the map started freaking out. It is covered in all kinds of symbols but no one knows what they mean. Besides that, if you come close to the cube, it will restore your health and shields. You cannot touch the cube because you’ll immediately bounce back slightly, if you try. Would not recommend shooting it either – that huge thing will fire back, immensely!

If that wasn’t scary enough, after some time the cube started moving slowly. According to Fortnite Battle Royale News, its current speed is one “step” it makes each hour and 43 minutes. Here’s how it looks like:

We know that this event is somehow connected to the transition into Season 6 (which has its own theme), as it happened before. Excited to see what Epic Games have prepared for Fortnite fans this time.

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