5 Reasons to watch WePlay! Artifact Might Triad: Agility

Jan 15 2019 3 min read

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WePlay! Artifact Might Triad: Agility (MT:A) is about to begin, and it’s a good time to discuss why this event is worth your time.

It’s the first big Artifact event of 2019

MT:A is the first big Artifact tournament of 2019, and it’s got a fantastic line-up of players. Remember that the game scene is very young so it’s literally anyone’s game for now. At the same time, you have your fan favorites like Hyped, LifeCoach, swim, and others.

After WePlay! Artifact Might Triad: Strength we are only improving the production quality and bringing the best people to make it great.

14 WePlay! Artifact MT:A players came through the qualifiers

We’ve taken 16 best players from MT:S, added two fantastic competitors and held open qualifiers for the remaining 14 slots. Those qualifiers were divided among different regions to even out the playing field. You can be sure that the competition will be hot from the very first stage and players won’t be learning cards literally as they are playing them.

To find the list of players, visit the special tournament page. You can also find the detailed schedule of the group page here.

The meta has been figured out and went beyond mono-blue

If you have been following the competitive Artifact lately, you know that it used to be dominated by the mono-blue decks. Constructed mode players have been relying on the composition because it brings a lot of reliable control and has multiple win conditions. At the same time, mono-blue is very hard to pilot, and it has glaring weaknesses (as an example, Vesture of the Tyrant renders Prey on The Weak quite useless).

Some players bring mono-blue to MT:A, but most of them use their flavor (check out swim’s deck), and it’s quite rare. On top of that, none of the players won the qualifier with mono-blue. You can check out the decklists breakdown on a video here.

MT:A has a siiiiick caster line-up

We are so proud to gather such a fantastic line-up of casters in our studio. Last time we had swim and Mogwai were casting games, this time they are the players. We performed a hot airdrop to replace the bois with RobAJG and SirActionSlacks.

There is no doubt that the analyst for DrawTwo and Mr. Deckpacitpo himself will hold the fort and create a fantastic show during MT:A. Visit this page if you want to find out more about our talent crew.

It’s an excellent place to learn about Artifact

Artifact is a fantastic game, and it’s getting frequent updates (check out the last one). If you were wondering if you should give the game a try, watching the tournament is an excellent way to learn more about it.

The casters of every esports game routinely explain the basic facts to accommodate for the new audience. You might not understand all the game mechanics during the first game you watch, but it will gradually start making sense after the 2nd or 3rd match. If you are new to the game I also recommend ArtifactFire, that website has a very mobile friendly card search tool allowing to quickly find the card that has recently been played on stream.

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Follow the WePlay social media to know about everything that’s happening during the event. We will update this page to host the tournament stream.


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