5 Hardest Bosses in Resident Evil: Biohazard

Feb 01 2021 4 min read
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Resident Evil: Biohazard's enemies were memorable and terrifying. In this article, we rank the the five most difficult monsters to encounter, particularly the Baker family themselves.

Part of what made Resident Evil: Biohazard so memorable was the evils you fought along the way. As a game, Resident Evil 7 has some horrific creatures, and the more you learn about their lost humanity, the worse it gets. 

With Resident Evil: Village coming in a few months (and the tall, unforgettable vampire Lady Dimitrescu), let's look back on the Biohazard baddies that made the game such a great turning point in the Resident Evil series.

An infected Mia Winters attacking the player with a sharp shard

Mia Winters 

Mia is less difficult as a boss because she's a hard fight, but more because of the emotional turmoil it puts the player through. Her husband, Ethan, came all this way and put himself in danger to save her, only to find out she's infected, too, and willing to kill him. It changes the game from just a rescue mission to a truly horrific experience. 

Ethan's heart is broken by these boss fights with Mia, and he loses parts of himself during them... emotionally and physically (RIP Ethan's arm).

An aged Eveline sitting in a rocking chair, barely alive in a dusty room


The Eveline fight is not the hardest; Chris Redfield literally tosses you a gun to help make it easier. However, it is a very chaotic situation and the climax of the game. After Eveline threatens and menaces the player for hours on end, you are now forced to fight the writhing, molded, amorphous mass that she's devolved into. 

It isn't as easy as running from Mia, and it isn't the hard-fought struggle that other encounters are, but as the final boss fight, it still deserves its rightful place on this list.

Lucas Baker on one of his tv screens that he used to communicate with Ethan Winters

Lucas Baker

Ethan never fights Lucas personally, but he does toss you in a boss-like arena and force you to solve a very deadly escape room. It's deeply convoluted, twisted, and is quite the interactive Saw experience. Not only is it stressful for the player, but it also really gives you a glimpse into Lucas' mind and boy, getting infected has really helped twist him. 

Also, the leftover remains of his previous victims is a nice (AKA awful) touch.

A molded, mutated Marguerite Baker lunging at the player's shotgun

Marguerite Baker 

If you ever wanted to look at bugs in a positive light, put down the game and don't fight Marguerite Baker. This matriarch's evolution was the most visually haunting, her eyes turning full-on demonic with mutant bug swarms flying in and out of her body.

However, at the same time, the boss fights with Marguerite are epic. Particularly her second one, where she goes full bug-mom, and her arms elongate like a spider's, and she fights you in a nest of her babies. 

This woman doesn't pull any punches and will not only beat you down if you mess up, but will also haunt your nightmares for years to come.

A shirtless, bloody Jack Baker holding a huge axe with intent to do harm in a metal-filled storage room

Jack Baker

The family member you fight the most throughout the game is Jack Baker. Because of that, and because of how good his fights are, he easily takes the spot as the best (and hardest) boss in Biohazard

Whether you're fighting the brainwashed man in a garage or the fungal monster covered in eyes in a broken shed, Jack doesn't make any fight easy. 

Jack's most terrifying scrapple, though, hands down, is when he's been "cured". Though he's human again, Jack is too far gone mentally, and you have to survive his frantic, desperate chainsaw attacks as he tries to protect Eveline one last time. It's easily the most difficult in the game, and for good reason. Jack would and does fight you until his last breath, and you better give it your all to beat him.


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