5 great Battle Royals you’ve probably never heard about

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5 great Battle Royals you’ve probably never heard about

PUBG and Fortnite aren’t the only and not necessarily the best Battle Royale games.

If you think that Black Ops 4, Fortnite and PUBG are the only and the best Battle Royale has to offer, this article will change your mind. These 5 games are something you absolutely should check out, they all have a lively player base and can be obtained for free (with one slight exception). 

The Darwin Project 

The Darwin Project is a BR with 10 contestants and a unique fighting system. Players may find each other on the map by following tracks (you need to be careful not to leave them) and finding different clues.


Along with the 10 players on the field matches have an 11th human player in the role of Game Director who is not in competition, but has special powers, like shutting down game zones, giving someone a boost, or even announcing a manhunt (the hunted person is visible for everyone on the map and drops extra loot upon death). Manhunt last limited amount of time and the surviving hunter is also rewarded by drop.


The Director can make the decisions himself, or allow viewers on Twitch (a plugin needed) and Mixer to decide, who should be punished/rewarded in a certain way. By the way, he also has the power to drop a Nuke!

The game has a vibrant and friendly community, it’s available on Steam for free.

Ring of Elysium

Unlike The Darwin Project, this game sticks to the familiar BR formula, but with unique twists and fun interactions like snowboarding.

 Ring of Elysium has actual lore involved, it includes a town area hit by a cold wave. The wave is slowly creeping in, killing the random tourists and residents who refused to leave. In the end, a helicopter arrives to pick up survivors, but it has only 4 seats.

The last 4 living contestants could actually cooperate and could get saved by the chopper together, but usually, people kill each till the last man out of habit.

This game forced me to ask myself one simple question: why the heck did I pay for PUBG?  Ring of Elysium has some bugs, but so does the Bluehole game. You can try it here



A cheesy and funny take on BR genre. You can play the game without downloading the client through the browser or with an iOS app. Just enter your name, no sign up needed.

The game retained a lot of weapons and equipment from PUBG, while keeping to a minimalistic 2-dimensional map. Figuring out the controls and most of the mechanics of the game take just a couple of minutes.

Make sure that you don’t show this game to your co-workers during business hours, the office activity will completely shut down.

‎Garena Free Fire (for mobile only)

There’s not much to say about this game, and I mean it in a good way. If PUBG and Fortnite devs hadn’t decided to make an identical copy of the desktop title, but cut their maps in half to make the games faster and the mechanics simpler, they would come up with something similar to ‎Garena Free Fire.

  • The game runs very smooth and should work well, even on older devices. 
  • The zones shrink much faster than in other games, and despite having just 50  players, the action almost never stops.
  • Garena is also very noob friendly – I’m not a very good FPS player, but managed to take the second place from the very first try.

 Check out this link to find the game

Dying Light: Bad Blood

Dying Light is one of those games that have a dedicated fan base which can help studio smoothly transition into another genre. When BR took off, its devs started working on their own "until last man standing” game with a zombie twist.

Each match has 12 players who need to find blood samples from monster-populated areas if they wish to leave the infested city. You can dispense off those dangerous critters yourself, or let other players do it, and then try to take the samples from them. Only contestants with enough samples can get into the helicopter and go to safety (win).


To get an Early Access to Dying Light: Bad Blood on Steam you need to purchase a DLC. When the game is released it will be F2P.

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