5 Games You Should Play While Waiting for Resident Evil 8

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The Resident Evil: Village trailers have people hyped, but what can fans play until the game comes out?

When the most recent Resident Evil: Village trailers dropped, the internet went wild. However, the game likely won’t come out until May or later, so here are some games you can sink your teeth into for the next couple of months.

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The Last of Us

As far as zombie games go, there are few better stories than The Last of Us. It’s a great storytelling experience with a fantastic father/daughter bond at its center. This game can perfectly sate your interest in RE: Village’s story without having to wait the next couple of months for a great game.

And once The Last of Us’ ending has destroyed you, you can start the horror and heartbreak all over again with Resident Evil.

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Outlast 2 

If you want more of the creepy townspeople vibes of the Village, look no further than Outlast 2. Filled with creepy, culty villagers, you head miles into the Arizona desert on a crusade to save your wife, Lynn. (Ethan Winters and Blake Langermann would have a lot to talk about). 

While Outlast 2 does lean way more into religious cults than biohazards, zombies, and vampires, it's is still a creepy game that can give you the kind of vibes that will prepare you for Resident Evil’s own haunting village.

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One of the main villains of RE: Village is Lady Dimitrescu, a beautiful, step-on-me tall vampire woman. Yes, these new biohazards are getting quite interesting. If you want to get in the mind of a self-serving vampire, perhaps play this twisted experience: Vampyr. As a vampiric doctor, you have to meticulously get close to your targets, plan your attacks, and drink blood to survive. 

However, the protagonist, Dr. Reid, is also after killing more reckless, cruel vampires, so that is a bit of a difference between him and Lady D. We doubt she’s going to be half as friendly with her murderous intentions. 

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Resident Evil: Village is set in a creepy mansion full of murderous women, so obviously, one of the best games to tide you over would be the horror classic, Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Losing your mind in a haunted manor, your main character (Daniel) has memory loss and is following a trail of clues to try to regain it. That, and he’s constantly on the run from monsters and his own madness to shed light on the mystery of the mansion.  

Also, the big bad is quite a refined, horrible man, which will definitely prepare you for the sophisticated horror of the tall vampire lady (and whoever the mysterious Mother Miranda may be). 

Image from British GQ

Resident Evil: Biohazard

No matter what games we recommend, there is no better game to hype you up for Resident Evil 8 than its predecessor, Resident Evil: Biohazard. Considering that Village’s protagonist is Ethan Winters again, make sure you’re up to date with his story. 

RE:7 offered some truly terrifying moments and eerie scenery. It’s just now instead of trying to find his wife in a creepy swamp farmhouse, you’re looking for Ethan’s daughter at a creepy vampire mansion. The dude’s living his best life (assuming he likes mortal peril, of course).

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