5 Best LGBTQ+ games on Steam

Jun 28 2019 5 min read

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No Call of Duty here. Or Fortnite. Or any other game that does not concern LGBT. Seriously, shame on you. By the way, LGBT is not only about same-sex, gay and lesbian relationships. The world's #PrideMonth is coming to an end, and we hope here that your attitude towards sexual minorities has improved a little, because all people are equal, regardless of preferences.

You may have seen the news that Steam added the LGBTQ+ tag (Q+ means either one of the many definitions of gender/interests, or "Questioning"). Such innovation can, in theory, do more harm than good (we all know about toxic people), but right now you can find a lot of interesting options on the tag to get acquainted with the community almost from the inside and to feel safe and comfortable. The tag has several problems: it works bad and doesn't apply to many already released projects and basically, the list of LGBTQ+ games is filled with visual novels, however, there are diamonds. So, we present you the top 5 LGBTQ+ games on Steam

Attention! 18+ content incoming, so continue reading at your own risk.

5. Your Royal Gayness

The library is on fire, cats have overrun the city and a wolf is munching on grandmothers in the forest. On top of that, princesses are knocking on your door, hungry for marriage! Survive royal life as a gay prince in this ultimate fairytale parody game!

The description speaks for itself.  Your Royal Gayness is a manager-sim where you need to prevent your kingdom from falling apart. You are a prince and your duties are to control the state, protect it from troubles and look for a partner. Lizard Hazard Games have made a funny parody gay game, but it’s impossible to get deep into the problems of the community or experience queer's true emotions. But it is always interesting to listen to advice from the court mage-toad! The game looks cute and simple, accompanied by high-quality music and is created in such a way that you will never repeat two identical stories.

4. Coming Out on Top 18+

Dating simulators are a fun thing. You can play for hours with the hope of reaching someone's heart, but in the end, be left with nothing. As in real life.

Coming Out on Top 18+ is all about "close" gay relationships. You are Mark Matthews, a student who has a long emotional (and not only) journey to make. It's time to declare yourself to others about sexual orientation. 18 hot guys are waiting for you: roommates, university friends, random folks. How many can you conquer?

Journalists and the LGBT community in one voice say that this game is one of the best in the genre. Just remember: decisions, consequences, you know. And sexy handsome men.

3. The Sims 3

You can purchase only the third part of the legendary franchise on Steam, however, among the fans and neutral gamers, there are people who consider it much better than the fourth part. Maxis made games with the freedom of choosing your orientation even before all sorts of hypes and scandals.

The Sims 3 is a good game with a huge variety of add-ons, it is definitely the best real-life simulator, so deservedly makes it into the list.

2. Life is Strange Season 1 and Life is Strange: Before the Storm

There is no more touching and sentimental story of same-sex love than in Life is Strange. The adventures of Max Caulfield and Chloe Price are over, and they are filled with the spirit of youth, juvenile maximalism, ordinary human fear, social and domestic problems, love and grief. 

A wonderful soundtrack, finely written characters, a powerful plot with unexpected twists. And by the way, LiS took so many awards from critics, journalists, associations and etc. that some AAA-projects have never dreamed of. This is a great movie, which is definitely worth playing. And if homosexual relationships were the forefront theme here, Life is Strange would definitely lead the list.

Bonus: Games made by Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts in a sense can be called the first serious "generator of LGBT progress" in gaming. It all started with the aforementioned The Sims, but then, in almost all projects under the company's wings, open representatives of sexual minorities began to appear. In some places, for example in Dragon Age Inquisition, it looked strained and repulsive, but in most of the EA games, the LGBT ideas are gently and smoothly built in. And no, Femshepard and Liara are not lesbian relations, because Asari has no gender at all.

1. Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

The best LGBTQ+ tagged gay game is definitely Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator. This game is the Noah's Ark of the best ideas for a dating simulator. Wonderful humour, full of irony and sarcasm. Beautiful graphics and drawing. Attractive soundtrack. Seven different  "daddies" to build relationships with. Every, even a little or less important character is made at least with passion and love. A lot of Easter eggs, interesting mini-games, cute romantics —  the author did not regret his $8.5 spend!

The story is built around the recently moved father and his daughter. Choose a teacher-daddy, goth-daddy or cool guy-daddy and go conquer his heart!

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