5 Best Hitman 3 Weapons (And How to Get Them)

Feb 08 2021 3 min read
Image from IO Interactive

Weapons are a vital part of the Hitman games, and Hitman 3 has new weapons for fans to fall in love with, including the ICA Shortballer and the Hackl Leviathan Sniper Rifle.

Hitman (from IO Interactive) is an iconic game series that can either encourage players to be impressively precise or completely chaotic. Both options are fantastic and entertaining.

One of the best parts of the game is all the different weapon options. While we all love a good fish to the face or banana to the back of the head, they aren’t precisely the best weapons at Agent 47’s disposal. There are some impressive guns that do take that spot, though.

Here are the 5 best Hitman 3 weapons, in no particular order.

Agent 47 facing the camera and aiming the ICA Shortballer at a target off-screen

ICA Shortballer

This weapon is reminiscent of the iconic ICA 19 Silverballer. The Silverballer has been in every single Hitman game and is the signature Agent 47 weapon, as far as all the cover art goes. The Shortballer is just a sister pistol with its own great features. 

The Shortballer is a silenced, high-power gun with impressive accuracy. Unlike some other similar guns, it has a very useful aim stabilization feature. With this gun, you can get away with a surprising amount of kills without getting caught. 

You get the weapon by doing enough unique challenges to get Mastery Level 5 on Dartmoor (AKA the detective mission, “Death in The Family”).

Custom 5mm DTI 

This small weapon is lightweight and guards will not detect it when doing pat-downs. It does solid damage, but it does only have 5 rounds, and you can’t reload it. But being able to get into high-alert areas with a great sidearm is worth it.

If you want this on your person, get Mastery Level 7 in Berlin (AKA the club mission, “Apex Predator”).

Agent 47 reaching down toward two different tactical shotguns

ICA Tactical Shotgun

Considering that not every Hitman player is going for absolute stealth, it'd be a sin for us to ignore this weapon. The ICA Tactical Shotgun is a powerhouse. Despite being a shotgun heavyweight, the ICA Tactical Shotgun has a fast fire rate and a tight shell spread (meaning it’s a lot more accurate than the average shotgun).

For the more direct Hitman fan, this shotgun can be unlocked by getting Mastery Level 10 at Chongqing (AKA mission 4, “End of an Era”).

Kalmer 1: Tranquilizer

While this looks like a classic pistol, it’s actually a dart gun that will sedate a target after a short period. It can help Agent 47 get around easier or pull off more creative assassinations. Luckily, it’s easy not to get caught, too, as the tranquilizer is naturally suppressed. 

The tranquilizer only has 2 shots, though, so keep track of your shooting. 

It’s unlocked when you get Mastery Level 5 on Mendoza (AKA the retirement party mission, “The Farewell”).

Agent 47 on top of a building in the tropics, surrounded by palm trees, billboards, and other buildings, holding a sniper rifle and looking for his target

Hackl Leviathan Sniper Rifle Convert

Everyone can make arguments for their favorite Hitman sniper rifle, but with all its features and a name like Leviathan, this feels like an easy choice. 

This lethal weapon is silent, has four levels of zoom capability, and an aim stabilizer. Not to mention, its bullets are piercing as well as subsonic, so your shots won’t attract guards. It’s the perfect sniper rifle for the perfect assassination.

However, you will have to get mastery Level 20 on Chongqing (AKA the neon mission, “End of an Era”). So you will have to kick butt on a lot of challenges.


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