5 best card games for PC

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5 best card games for PC

List of the best PC titles that will excite both new and returning fans of Collectible Card Game (CCG) genre.


By Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard knows how to create a great game and keep players attached to it for decades. Hearthstone without a trace of a doubt is one of the most successful games in the history of the Irvine based company. It caters to fans of other games (Warcraft 3, World of WarCraft, Heroes of the Storm) and to CCG veterans.

Hearthstone has a huge esports scene supported by both Blizzard and independent companies, and big viewership numbers on Twitch.

Blizzard recently announced updates for Hearthstone that will make the game more noob-friendly and balance existing classes.



Most of the modern card games were released around or after Hearthstone, and can be considered "just another clone". This specific CCG was made by CD PROJEKT RED back when they were working on The Witcher 3. The game has a huge army of fans and is frequently updated with new content.

One of the main obstacles that keeps Gwent from becoming mainstream is the lack of mobile versions. Once the game is released on Android or iOS, we expect a surge of popularity and many new (and returning) players.

If you’ve played The Witcher 3, you are familiar with the lane system and most of the cards. Players who’ve never heard about Gerald of Rivia will find Gwent exciting and worth their time.


By Abrakam SA

The game was initially F2P but at some point developers decided to switch to P2P model. The "secret sauce" of Faeria is that cards are very accessible and can be obtained in a fairly short period of time. If you pick up Faeria now, just in a few weeks you'll be able to play ranked matches.

In this game, unlike Hearthstone, players can pay about $40 and quickly get ALL the cards ever released (in Hearthstone you'd barely scratch the surface for $40).

Faeria has a very friendly community and there is always someone to help a new player out on their Discord server. 

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

By Bethesda Softworks

After the release last year, the game received both positive and negative feedback from The Elder Scrolls community. Haters insisted that ESL is a Hearthstone rip off, therefore it’s not even worth the time. The fans, on the other hand, found ESL much more than “just another CCG” in lots of different ways.

Bethesda developers created a card game that forces players to make complicated macro decisions. Different mechanics, like runes, give opportunities for a comeback even if the match is almost lost.

The Elder Scrolls Legends can be intimidating for new players, but it's very fun and has a huge community.

Slay the Spire

By Mega Crit Games

Even if you have chosen a card game and don't want to switch to another title, you should try Slay the Spire.

Instead of building another competitive collectable card game, developers from Mega Crit Games decided to combine CCG model with Roguelike (RPG, dungeon crawler) genre and focus on a singleplayer experience. Great content and enchanting gameplay made Slay the Spire a perfect example of what a modern game should look like.

Despite the lack of multiplayer, Slay the Spire is 100% worth the money. Fans of Hearthstone's Dungeon Run will find the game very enjoyable.

This is it! For now, five games is enough to keep any CCG fan busy (and a bit broke). Let us know what game do you prefer?

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