33 stays with ppd, rest to leave

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For next DPC season ppd picked up Saksa and 2 players from Team Secret

Legendary player and captain Peter "ppd" Dager announced his new Dota 2 squad for the next season. Here is the new roster:

Pos. 1: Ace
Pos. 2: Fata
Pos. 3: 33
Pos. 4: Saksa
Pos. 5: ppd (Captain)

The team officially doesn’t have a sponsor yet, but there’s always someone around the corner ready to “adopt” ppd and his current squad.

The “Secret” exchange

This season Team Secret will change its roster again and MidOne is likely to be the only one to survive reshuffle. The team was stomping everyone left, right and center in the beginning of season but fell behind in results when it came closer to TI.

MoonMeander has recently dropped a bomb in Twitch chat saying that Zai (former pos. 3 for Optic) would join Team Secret. Looks like ppd and Puppey decided to trade players: offlaner (Zai) for mid (Fata) and carry (Ace).

Saksa is back. Hype!

To be honest, Saksa was never away - always active on Twitch and Twitter, but you wouldn’t see him on a big LAN for the better part of this year.

Position 4 support seems to be a perfect spot for Saksa since many tempo-controlling heroes he used to be playing with have become more fitting for the roamer role.

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