3 Romance Options That Should’ve Happened in AC: Valhalla (But Didn’t)

Jan 14 2021 3 min read
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Romance options are new to Assassin's Creed, but some Valhalla fans have been left wanting more. Soma, Hytham, and Valka would have been fascinating and dynamic love interests, but unfortunately those relationships never happened.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla's romance options are one of the most buzz-worthy aspects of the game. After the success of Kassandra/Alexios’s flings in Odyssey, Ubisoft decided to take its video games one step further by adding a handful of longer-term relationships.

The Randvi romance has become a fan-favorite, but there are some fantastic non-love interests that players desperately wish they could have spent the rest of their Viking lives with.

Here are 3 romance options that should’ve happened in AC: Valhalla.

Hytham looking at his shelves while Eivor stands a few feet behind him, leaning on his desk


While Basim spends the game stuck to Sigurd’s side, he leaves his companion, Hytham, at the Ravensthorpe settlement. 

The Hidden Ones may be mysterious, but Hytham is friendly, even teaching you how to jump off high ledges like other assassins. He’s much more approachable than his counterpart. Because of that, many fans were disappointed that Hytham couldn’t be romanced.

Eivor interacts with him for some alliance map story missions, seemingly growing fond of the young man. Not to mention, he is kind of handsome. If only Assassin's Creed: Valhalla let you take that one step further. 

What fascinating drama did fans miss out on? After all, the ending (which we won't spoil here) would put Hytham's heart in an awkward place, making fans even more invested in Valhalla’s story.

Seer Valka standing at the docks of Ravensthorpe


Throughout Valhalla, Valka serves as a spiritual guide that is highly invested in your destiny. Even if your Eivor doesn’t quite believe in fate, the two characters are clearly close. Moreover, Valka follows Eivor across the ocean to England. It would’ve made a lot of sense for a romance to develop. 

However, in the end, Valka keeps a professional distance through all the Asgard and Jotunheim side quests. For someone so fascinated with Eivor, it’s wild to think romance never was an option. Maybe the fact she insisted Eivor would betray Sigurd was always too much to overcome.

Jarlskona Soma smiling in front of a stone house


Of all the people on this list, Soma is the most heartbreaking missed romance option. The entire Grantebridge quest is filled with long looks and subtly-flirty dialogue, suggesting a possible attraction. Also, when Soma writes Eivor, she talks about thinking of them fondly. 

Soma did make it clear to Birna that her decision was to focus on leadership, not love. However, it feels obvious that both Vikings feel the same way about each other, regardless of Soma's choice about her responsibilities.

Even on Eivor’s mission to cheer up Randvi, the red-haired woman asks if they had feelings for Soma. Eivor denies it, but it feels like there has to be more to it than that.

At the end of Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, there’s a spoilers-type reason that explains why writers avoided the relationship. But considering how much fans adore her, it’s safe to say the love between Soma and Eivor was still a missed opportunity. A bittersweet one-night romp in Soma's bed post-Grantebridge victory would have been better than nothing.


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