3 Returning Characters in Resident Evil: Village, Explained

Feb 01 2021 3 min read
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Resident Evil: Village is a sequel to 2017's Biohazard, so before the game comes out in May, we're putting together an easy guide on the returning characters, Mia Winters, Chris Redfield, and Ethan Winters

Resident Evil: Village is the long-awaited sequel to the franchise-changing Resident Evil: Biohazard. Most of the Resident Evil games followed a core set of badass characters from Raccoon City fighting the T-Virus, but the 7th and 8th installments have different characters. The story follows local good-guy engineer Ethan Winters fighting genetically mutated creatures (moldy or vampiric) to save his loved ones. 

Before the game comes out, let’s help give everyone a little summary of the main characters coming back for Village.

Mia Winters standing in the center of a nursery filled with toys, with light shining behind her head through the window

Mia Winters

Mia Winters was a secret operative for the crime syndicate, The Connections, and is married to Ethan Winters. Her life-changing mission was working on the E-Type bioweapon project, Eveline. Mia’s job was to bond with Eveline to help control her, but it made Eveline obsessed with creating a family unit, with Mia as her mother. 

When transporting Eveline in 2014, the little bioweapon freaked out and infected the crew before running off with Mia. Afterward, she and Mia were rescued by the Baker family, who Eveline subsequently infected and brain-washed. 

In 2017, Mia emailed Ethan to come to Louisiana and save her. While there, infected Mia almost killed her husband. Ultimately, he cured her and, together, they defeated Eveline to escape the bayou. 

Once safe, Ethan and Mia settled down together in biohazard isolation safe-housing and had a daughter, Rosemary. However, someone or something took Rosemary at some point, and Ethan will have to save her in RE:8. No one knows yet how Mia might play into that journey (or, if a certain someone removes her from the story entirely). 

Ethan Winters in a green jacket and gray hoodie, holding a handgun, in front of a grayish background. However, his face is obscured

Ethan Winters

A systems engineer, Ethan is married to Mia, who went missing in 2014. An email summoned him to the Baker farm in 2017, where Mia and the other residents had been infected by “Mold”. 

While there, he worked with the most lucid Baker family member, Zoe, to stop Eveline, the bio-weapon child that Mia cared for. Zoe helped him survive the onslaught from her infected family. Together, they created two vials of the cure. Ethan used the cures on the aggressive Jack Baker and then, canonically, his wife, Mia.

After defeating the aged Eveline, Ethan and Mia are taken to anti-biohazard safe-housing to live out their lives. However, their daughter, Rosemary, was taken and Ethan has to rescue her in RE: Village. Apparently, he can’t get away from fighting insane, infected families to save his family.

An aged Chris Redfield staring down at something in a dark room, wearing all black with a silenced gun in hand

Chris Redfield

While Chris’ appearance in Resident Evil: 7 was his first in that storyline, it’s hardly the first time fans ever met him. Chris Redfield is a classic RE hero who’s shown up in over a dozen RE games, starting with the original Resident Evil game in 1996. 

Chris was a STARS (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) member who eventually became a big help in reacting to the T-Virus outbreak in Racoon City. By 2017, he worked with an anti-biohazard team called BSAA. They partnered with the reformed Blue Umbrella to react to the Dulvey Incident, which surrounded the bio-weapon Eveline, her handler, Mia, and the Baker family. 

Chris helped arm Ethan Winters in his final battle with Eveline. He also used to helicopter to get them out of the swamp. Later, he helped Joe Baker cure the only Baker survivor, Zoe.

However, despite all his previous helpfulness, Chris seems to be betraying Ethan and Mia’s trust from RE:8 trailers. Considering Mia used to be infected, their daughter, Rosemary, might have a unique, and perhaps dangerous, genetic make-up. Who knows what she might be capable of?


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