3 Horror Games to Kick Off 2021

Feb 08 2021 3 min read
Images from GameRant, Steam, and XBox

We recommend horror gamers 3 fresh, diverse horror games to kick off 2021, including indie darling Devour, the wholesome The Sims 4: Paranormal, and the psychological horror puzzle game, The Medium

In January 2021, video game developers gifted gamers with a host of horror gems to start off their year. There are a lot of jokes you can make about horror stories helping break the tension of last year’s stress, but let’s settle with being excited.

So let’s enjoy some great escapism with ghosts and demons, shall we?

The demon goat mom from Devour is standing still in a room, staring down the player, blood covering her white nightgown


In this multiplayer horror game produced by Straight Back Games, you can co-op your screams (2-4 players total). Your goal is to collect 10 demon goats around a farmhouse and sacrifice them to a fire altar. However, the trick is that their goat mommy, a violent, bloody demon, will start hunting you down. She will only get faster and stronger the more of her babies that you sacrifice (and some crawling demons will start appearing around the map, too).

The experience is terrifying and fits right into that new beloved niche of multiplayer horror games to scare friends together. The devs have also promised that even more maps are incoming.

Eliza Pancakes and a new sim are interacting with ghosts on the new The Sims 4: Paranormal logo

The Sims 4: Paranormal 

In a less horrific example, let’s talk about the most recent The Sims 4 stuff pack. EA has added some more happy haunts to enrich the supernatural side of the game. Fans can now become a medium, get a job as a paranormal investigator, move into haunted houses, and deal with their own personal ghosties.

For people who like The Sims 4 and the more Casper style ghost adventures, the Paranormal pack is a great new way to enjoy the game. And it’s also a great new way to make your least favorite Sims’ suffer a little bit more (looking at you, Eliza Pancakes).

The Medium protagonist Marianne is extending her white-glowing hand out in front of a spooky house and forest

The Medium

A dual world-puzzle game from Bloober Team(a developer that loves horror), players experience this story as Marianne, a professional medium. However, Marianne has nightmares and demons of her own. On a journey to explore the origins of her abilities, she experiences psychological horror like she’s never dealt with before and slides between the real world and the astral plane. 

The story can be a little complicated, but for people craving a single-player horror story to bury themselves in, The Medium can be a great spooky diversion.


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