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24/7 Esports have announced that they have parted ways with their Vietnamese team with immediate effect.

In a statement issued on their website, 24/7 Esports explained that the players have been given their marching orders following claims "made by anonymous sources from the Vietnamese Esports" about the team's alleged involvement in match-fixing.

The Australian organisation had picked up the team, formerly known as Skyred, just two weeks ago, even though no contract had been signed. During their time in 24/Esports, the squad played just one official game, a 0-2 defeat against inchk1ng in the Consolidation Final of D!ngIT Asia Invitational Season 2.

24/7 Esports owner Wei-Ning Yong stated that, while there was no evidence that the players were involved in match-fixing, the "overwhelming public opinion" made him pull the plug on negotiations with the team.

"I am disappointed in the conduct of the players, but for the sake of integrity in Esports, 24/7 Esports does not condone match fixing or even the discussion of it," he said.

"There was no definite proof of matchfixing, also no contract was signed officially with the team.

"I fully believe that the team wasn’t matchfixing but when there is overwhelming public opinion to the opposite there is no choice but to cease all negotiations."

The news comes just hours after Valve reiterated its stance against match-fixing by announcing that all players who have been caught deliberately losing matches to profit from them will be banned for life.

The Vietnamese team have the following roster:

  • Vu "cLb" Hoang Nguyen
  • Cong "crazyguy" Anh Ngo
  • Ngoc "Zac" Thien Nguyen
  • Hoang "d@rklord" Giang Phung
  • Phu "Rap" Quoc Phan


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